How to Find Palworld Diamond

Want to uncover Palworld Diamonds? Discover where Frostallion and Jetragon hide for epic battles and valuable rewards - there's more to unravel!
guide for finding palworld diamond

If you're on the hunt for Palworld Diamonds, challenge Frostallion and Jetragon in their respective regions. Frostallion lurks in the northeast, while Jetragon roams the northwest. Defeat Frostallion by targeting its weak spots with Fire and Dragon-type Pals. Prepare your team with Dark or Ice-type Pals to take down Jetragon near Ruined Fortress City. But if you seek more strategies and tips for finding these rare treasures, there's much more to discover about the adventurous world of Palworld.

Key Takeaways

  • Locate Frostallion and Jetragon regions for Diamonds.
  • Defeat Frostallion weak to Fire and Dragon-type Pals.
  • Hunt Jetragon with Dark or Ice-type Pals for Diamonds.
  • Confront Paladius at Deep Sand Dunes for Diamonds.
  • Form strategic alliances and repeat boss battles for Diamonds.

Diamond Locations in Palworld

To locate the valuable Palworld Diamond, head to the Frostallion and Jetragon regions located in specific corners of the map. Frostallion, situated in the Land of Absolute Zero in the northeast, is a prime location for obtaining Palworld Diamonds. Jetragon, on the other hand, can be found in the northwest near the Ruined Fortress City. These regions aren't only breathtaking but also house formidable bossPals that guard the precious diamonds.

When you venture into the Frostallion region, be prepared for extreme cold and challenging terrain. The Land of Absolute Zero offers a unique environment that tests your skills and resilience. Similarly, the Jetragon region near the Ruined Fortress City presents its own set of obstacles and surprises. Keep an eye out for wandering merchants who may offer valuable information or assistance in your quest for Palworld Diamonds.

Defeating Frostallion for Diamonds

frostallion defeated for diamonds

Head towards the ice lake in the northeast corner of the map to confront Frostallion, the Legendary Boss in Palworld, in your quest for Diamonds. Frostallion presents a challenge but offers great rewards. This boss is particularly susceptible to Fire and Dragon-type Pals, so make sure to bring them along for the battle. Upon defeating Frostallion for the first time, you will receive a Palworld Technology point and have a chance to obtain the coveted Palworld Diamond. However, be aware that the drop rate for Palworld Diamond from Frostallion is low, meaning you may need to defeat Frostallion multiple times to secure this precious resource. Fear not, though, as each successful defeat of Frostallion not only brings you closer to the Diamond but also provides a generous amount of Palworld gold coins when you sell the diamonds to the Wandering Merchants.

Aspect Details
Boss Frostallion
Weakness Fire, Dragon
Reward Palworld Diamond, Gold Coins

Hunting Jetragon for Diamonds

chasing rare diamonds in jetragon

In your pursuit of valuable Palworld Diamonds, locating and defeating Jetragon in the southwestern region near the Ruined Fortress City is essential. Jetragon can be found west of the Ruined Fortress City, making it a prime target for those seeking the precious Palworld Diamonds.

To successfully hunt Jetragon, follow these key steps:

  1. Prepare Your Team: Jetragon is a formidable opponent and one of the toughest bosses in Palworld. Make sure to have a well-rounded team with Dark-type or Ice-type Pals to exploit Jetragon's weaknesses effectively.
  2. Strategic Planning: Before engaging Jetragon, devise a strategic plan to maximize your chances of success. Study its attack patterns and behavior to anticipate its moves and plan your counterattacks accordingly.
  3. Coordinates for Success: Head to the coordinates -789, -321 to pinpoint the exact location of Jetragon. Being at the right place is vital for initiating the battle and securing the valuable Palworld Diamond upon defeating Jetragon.

Confronting Paladius for Diamonds

confrontation with paladius planned

Prepare yourself to face Paladius, the legendary boss in Palworld known for guarding valuable diamonds near the Deep Sand Dunes at coordinates 447, 679. To find diamonds in Palworld, you must confront Paladius strategically. Dark-type Pals and Dragon-type Pals are your best allies in this battle, as they can exploit Paladius's weaknesses, making the fight more manageable.

Defeating Paladius is essential to obtaining diamonds, which are highly sought after in Palworld for their rarity and value.

Once you have defeated Paladius, you can collect the diamonds and sell them to merchants in Palworld for a significant sum of 1250 Gold Coins. These coins are valuable in Palworld and can be used to purchase various items and Pals from The Black Marketeer, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Strategic Tips for Diamond Hunting

finding diamonds through planning

After defeating Paladius and obtaining valuable diamonds in Palworld, enhancing your strategic approach is essential for successful diamond hunting. To improve your chances of finding high-value diamonds, consider the following tips:

  1. Confront Frostallion and Jetragon: Defeat Frostallion and Jetragon to acquire the sought-after Palworld Diamond. Prepare your team with Fire and Dragon-type Pals to face Frostallion, and bring Dark-type or Ice-type Pals to confront Jetragon effectively.
  2. Repeat Boss Battles: While diamonds aren't guaranteed drops, you can increase your chances by engaging in repeated battles with Frostallion and Jetragon. Persistence pays off in the quest for these precious gems.
  3. Explore Deep Sand Dunes: Venture into the Deep Sand Dunes to seek out diamonds in this vast and challenging terrain. Keep a keen eye out for potential diamond locations and be prepared for formidable adversaries along the way.

Allies for Diamond Boss Battles

team up in battles

Improving strategic alliances is essential for conquering Diamond boss battles in Palworld. When facing different bosses like Frostallion, Jetragon, and Paladius to earn Diamonds in Palworld, having the right allies is vital. Consider bringing Fire and Dragon-type Pals to defeat Frostallion efficiently. For battling Jetragon, using Dark-type or Ice-type Pals can be advantageous in securing those valuable Diamonds. When facing Paladius, Dark-type and Dragon-type Pals prove to be effective choices for increasing your chances of acquiring Diamonds. It's important to have a diverse team with different Pal types and weaknesses to adapt to various boss battles. By strategically selecting your allies based on the boss's weaknesses and strengths, you can maximize your chances of victory and increase your Diamond rewards.

Pal Type Recommended for Boss to Battle
Fire Frostallion Defeat Efficiently
Dragon Frostallion, Paladius Increase Chances
Dark Jetragon, Paladius Secure Diamonds
Ice Jetragon Gain Advantage
Variety of Types All Bosses Adaptability

Maximizing Diamond Rewards

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To enhance your chances of maximizing Diamond rewards in Palworld, focus on strategic gameplay and efficient boss battle tactics. Here are three key strategies to help you increase your Diamond drops:

  1. Defeat Legendary Bosses Multiple Times: Legendary Bosses like Frostallion, Jetragon, and Paladius are known to drop Diamonds. By defeating them multiple times, you increase your chances of obtaining these valuable rewards.
  2. Owning a Jetragon or Frostallion Pal: Having a Jetragon or Frostallion Pal in your team can boost the likelihood of Diamonds dropping during battles. Consider adding these powerful creatures to your roster to improve your Diamond acquisition rate.
  3. Capture Each Legendary Creature: Catching each Legendary creature at least once can also enhance your chances of receiving Diamonds. Make sure to explore different areas and capture these elusive creatures to maximize your Diamond rewards in Palworld.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is the Diamond in Palworld?

Diamonds in Palworld are valued at 6000 Gold Coins. This rare and valuable material can be sold to Wandering Merchants for a substantial sum.

The currency obtained from selling Diamonds is essential for farming Gold Coins and financing various projects. So, if you're looking to boost your wealth in Palworld, keep an eye out for these valuable Diamonds!

What Are the Gems for in Palworld?

In Palworld, gems like Palworld Diamond serve an essential purpose. These rare gemstones are valuable assets that can be exchanged for a hefty sum of 6000 Gold Coins in the game.

By selling these gems to merchants, you can earn a significant amount of currency to purchase essential items and Pals.

Acquiring Palworld Diamond from Legendary Bosses like Frostallion, Jetragon, and Paladius is vital for enhancing your gameplay and funding projects on Palpagos Island.


So there you have it, finding diamonds in Palworld may seem challenging at first, but with the right strategies and allies, you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Don't let the difficulty discourage you, embrace the excitement of the hunt and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Remember, diamonds are waiting to be discovered, so gear up, team up, and begin your epic adventure today!

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