Satisfactory Roadmap

Curious about the future of Satisfactory? Explore the roadmap for exciting updates and exclusive content that will enhance your gameplay experience.

Explore the detailed Satisfactory Roadmap revealing building features like accessing dismantling filters and quick blueprint menus. Progress through milestones to gain access to advanced technologies and enhance capabilities. Adjust game settings with flight and god modes, and optimize resource transportation with trains and automation. Gain insights into closed beta details and exclusive content. Prepare for exciting updates, new story elements, and biome changes shaping your gameplay experience. Learn about the intricate world design, exclusive items, and the immersive narrative penned by Hannah Beuger. Uncover how these elements enrich your journey in the game. More awaits in the roadmap for you to discover.

Key Takeaways

  • Closed Beta started on April 10, 2024, with limited access.
  • UNREAL ENGINE 5.3 utilized for optimizations in Closed Beta.
  • Sign-ups open for Closed Beta on the official website.
  • Feedback gathered to shape future updates and content.
  • Full 1.0 launch expected with exciting new features and story elements.

Building, Dismantling, and Blueprints

In the Satisfactory roadmap, building, dismantling, and blueprint management are set to receive significant enhancements to streamline your construction processes. The introduction of a dismantle filter will allow for the specific targeting of building types, making it easier to manage structures efficiently. Quick Switch menus for blueprint groups are being developed to simplify the selection and placement of blueprints, ultimately speeding up your building workflow.

Moreover, the upcoming Nudge Mode feature will provide precise hologram placement, enabling you to create intricate designs with ease. Blueprint directional arrows will guide you in the right direction when adjusting your layouts, ensuring a smoother building experience. Additionally, instant dismantling will allow for quick removal of unwanted structures, saving you time and effort in restructuring your base.

As part of the roadmap, the Tier 4 milestone Expanded Power Infrastructure and Logistics mk4 in Tier 6 will enhance your power and logistics capabilities. These upgrades will further optimize your building processes, allowing for more efficient resource management and overall production. Stay tuned for these improvements that will revolutionize the way you construct and manage your factories in Satisfactory.


Start your adventure in Satisfactory by advancing through tiers and achieving milestones to access new technologies and buildings. The progression in this factory building game is vital for enhancing your capabilities and creating a more efficient automated system.

Here's what you need to know about progression:

  1. Milestones and Tiers: Completing milestones is essential for advancing through different tiers. Each tier grants access to more advanced technologies and machinery, propelling your factory towards greater automation and productivity.
  2. Technology and Blueprints: Progression allows you to acquire new blueprints and technologies. These blueprints provide you with the necessary plans to construct advanced machinery, enabling you to optimize your factory layout and production processes.
  3. Enhanced Capabilities: As you progress through the tiers, you gain access to more efficient machinery and tools. These enhanced capabilities empower you to streamline your production lines, increase output, and explore new possibilities for expanding your factory.

Advanced Game Settings (AGS)

customizable game settings interface

Customize your gameplay experience in Satisfactory with the Advanced Game Settings (AGS), offering features like Flight mode and God mode for player personalization. AGS allows you to toggle settings such as No build cost and Access all, tailoring your gameplay to your preferences. With AGS, you have the flexibility to adjust starting tier and game phase options, providing varied challenges to keep your gameplay fresh and exciting. Additionally, AGS includes options like Creature hostility settings and DLC hints, allowing for further customization and control over your gaming experience.

Advanced Game Settings Features Description
Flight mode Allows players to fly around the map for easier exploration.
God mode Grants invincibility and unlimited resources for a more relaxed gameplay.
No build cost Enables construction without the need for resources.
Access all Provides access to all blueprints and items from the beginning of the game.
Creature hostility settings Adjusts the aggression level of creatures in the game world.

The AGS feature set in Satisfactory empowers you to tailor the game environment to suit your preferences, enhancing your overall gaming experience.


Let's talk about the upcoming Train DLC for Satisfactory, focusing on points like Track Construction Techniques and Resource Transportation Efficiency. These aspects promise to bring new challenges and strategies to the game as you expand your factory and optimize your logistics.

Get ready to revolutionize your resource transportation methods with the introduction of trains in Satisfactory!

Track Construction Techniques

Exploring innovative track construction techniques, particularly for trains, in Satisfactory will revolutionize your logistical strategies and enhance automation within your factory operations.

When it comes to trains, there are several key aspects worth examining:

  1. Transportation Options: Trains introduce new ways to move resources efficiently across the map.
  2. Logistics Solutions: Building rail systems allows for organized and streamlined resource transportation.
  3. Automation and Complexity: Managing train schedules and implementing track construction will elevate the automation levels and complexity of your factory operations.

With these advancements in track construction techniques for trains, you'll be able to optimize your logistics, improve resource management, and take your factory operations to new heights in Satisfactory.

Resource Transportation Efficiency

Enhance your factory's resource transportation efficiency in Satisfactory by leveraging the powerful capabilities of trains. Trains offer an efficient way to transport large quantities of resources between distant locations on the map.

Setting up train stations with multiple platforms allows for the loading and unloading of different resources seamlessly. By implementing programmable schedules, trains can be automated, providing a hands-off approach to resource transportation.

This scalable and flexible solution reduces the need for complex conveyor belt layouts and offers a more efficient way to move materials across the expansive game world.

Embracing trains in Satisfactory can streamline your operations and optimize your resource management strategies.

Closed Beta

testing video game features

You're excited to learn more about the Closed Beta for Satisfactory. Let's talk about the Beta Testing Details and the Exclusive Access Information.

These points will give you a better understanding of what to expect from this exciting phase of the game.

Beta Testing Details

During the Closed Beta phase of Satisfactory, which commenced on April 10, 2024, select players were granted limited access to provide valuable feedback and assist in preparing the game for its full 1.0 launch.

Limited access to select players was granted through an official website form for the Closed Beta.

Sign-ups for the Closed Beta were open to all, including non-owners of Satisfactory.

The Closed Beta, utilizing Unreal Engine 5.3, aimed to optimize the game for the full 1.0 launch by gathering feedback and testing specific improvements.

Exclusive Access Information

For those fortunate enough to secure exclusive access during the Closed Beta phase of Satisfactory, valuable testing opportunities await. The Closed Beta, powered by UNREAL ENGINE 5.3, began on April 10, 2024, offering select players a chance to provide feedback for the upcoming full release.

Players can sign up on the official website for a chance to participate and help shape the game's development. During this phase, Coffee Stain Studios aims to gather essential feedback on features like Mercer Spheres, Somersloops, and the highly anticipated Toilet Paper DLC.

This feedback will be instrumental in shaping the future updates and content additions that will eventually lead up to the Steam Early Access and the full release of Satisfactory as outlined in the Satisfactory Roadmap.

Release Date

The release date for Satisfactory's move to full version is set for 2024. This shift marks a significant milestone for the game and its community. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Closure of Early Access: Coffee Stain Studios confirmed that there will be no further updates or patches before the 1.0 launch. This decision sets the stage for a thorough and polished full version release.
  2. Platform Expansion: Initially released on the Epic Games Store in early 2019, Satisfactory later became available on Steam. This expansion broadened the game's reach, allowing more players to enjoy its unique gameplay mechanics.
  3. Anticipated Enhancements: The 1.0 release isn't just about moving to a full version; it also promises exciting new features. These include a new story element, potentially shedding light on the mysterious Mercer Spheres and Somersloops. Additionally, players can expect changes to the landscape and possibly new DLC content to further enrich their gaming experience.

As the release date approaches, the anticipation for Satisfactory's full version continues to grow. Stay tuned for more updates as Coffee Stain Studios prepares to introduce the next chapter in this industrial simulation adventure.


fantastical tale of adventure

As Satisfactory's narrative unfolds, players are immersed in a meticulously crafted world designed by Hannah Beuger, introducing special item access and essential story elements. The story in Satisfactory, penned entirely by Hannah Beuger, offers exclusive item access such as SAM Ore and Mercer Spheres. These items aren't only valuable for gameplay but are also vital for progressing through the game. The narrative progression is intricately tied to these exclusive item access, making them pivotal for advancing in Satisfactory.

Moreover, biome changes post-Update 8 have brought about foliage adjustments in various biomes, enhancing the visual experience of the game. Paradise Island has seen world border modifications, adding a new dimension to the gameplay. While there's no snow biome currently in the game, the existing biomes have been enriched with these changes, creating a more dynamic environment for players to explore.

In Satisfactory, story items and access play a significant role in shaping the narrative progression. They not only provide essential resources but also add depth to the storyline, making the player's journey through the game more engaging and immersive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Future of Satisfactory?

The future of Satisfactory looks bright! After moving to full release in 2024, the game will continue to evolve. With a dedicated development team behind it, you can expect ongoing updates and enhancements post-1.0 launch.

The recent switch to Unreal Engine 5 in Update 8 showcases a commitment to improving the player experience. So, get ready to see Satisfactory grow and expand even further in the coming years!

Will Satisfactory Get a Story?

Yes, Satisfactory will indeed have a story. It's an essential part of the game, offering exclusive items and adding depth to your experience.

By completing the story, you'll progress further in the game and engage with elements like SAM Ore and Mercer Spheres. Biome changes post-Update 8 will also enhance the game's visual and environmental aspects.

How Many Hours Does Satisfactory Take?

If you're diving into Satisfactory, expect to invest 50-100 hours tackling main objectives. But for the explorers and perfectionists out there, you might easily surpass 200 hours delving into factory optimizations and milestones.

The game's complexity means completion times vary; efficiency-driven players might finish faster than detailed planners. Regular updates and DLCs also keep the gameplay fresh, extending the experience for dedicated players.

Is Satisfactory a Copy of Factorio?

When considering whether Satisfactory is a copy of Factorio, it's crucial to recognize their similarities and differences.

While both games share a focus on automation and resource management, Satisfactory adds exploration and combat elements, providing a unique experience.

The decision to play one over the other depends on your preferences for gameplay style and perspective.

Each game brings its own strengths to the table, catering to different player preferences.


As you journey through this roadmap, remember that every blueprint represents a step towards progress. Just like dismantling old structures to build new ones, embrace change and growth.

Trains symbolize movement and advancement, propelling you forward towards the release date. With the Closed Beta on the horizon, the story of your game will soon unfold.

Trust in the process and enjoy the satisfactory journey ahead.

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