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Discover the Satisfactory-Calculator, your ultimate tool for boosting production efficiency and resource management in the game. It offers custom algorithms, interactive maps, and a user-friendly interface for seamless planning. Customize rates, counts, and power modes with precision. Optimize factories with resources and recipes, and track total average and peak power accurately. Benefit from database integration, algorithm efficiency, and planning capabilities for streamlined production setups. Stay ahead with future updates for continuous enhancements. Find out all about the features, benefits, and integration opportunities this powerful tool offers!

Key Takeaways

  • Vast repository database for production planning
  • Custom algorithms for optimizing efficiency
  • Interactive map for save editing and game-specific modules
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Efficiency improvement tools for streamlining processes


Explore the features of the Satisfactory Calculator for efficient factory planning and building. Developed by Coffee Stain, this tool offers an interactive map and production planner to streamline your gameplay. The interactive map allows you to visualize your factory layout, helping you plan the most efficient production lines. With this feature, you can optimize your resource allocation and minimize bottlenecks in your workflow.

Moreover, the production planner is a game-changer. It provides detailed information on buildings, items, recipes, and schematics, empowering you to make informed decisions. By utilizing the production planner, you can calculate the exact requirements for each step of your production process, ensuring smooth operations within your factory.

The inclusion of community support for mods further enhances the Calculator's capabilities. These mods bring additional content such as buildings, items, tools, recipes, and schematics, expanding the possibilities for your factory design. The collaborative efforts of the community contribute to a rich and diverse selection of features that cater to different playstyles and preferences.


The Satisfactory Calculator's features provide essential tools for optimizing production and streamlining factory planning processes. This tool is a game-changer for Satisfactory players, offering a wide array of functionalities tailored to enhance the gaming experience. Take a look at the table below to get a glimpse of what the Satisfactory Calculator has to offer:

Feature Description Benefits
Repository Database Houses the production planner with a vast array of data Facilitates easy access to essential information
Custom Algorithms Designed for coherent production lines, optimizing efficiency Ensures streamlined production processes
Interactive Map Acts as a full-featured save editor using Leaflet JS with tailored game-specific modules Enables precise planning and editing in-game
User-Friendly Interface Intuitive design for easy navigation and seamless user experience Enhances user interaction and satisfaction
Efficiency Improvement Tools aimed at streamlining processes and enhancing gameplay efficiency Boosts overall productivity in the game

These features, crafted by Kirk McDonald, are meticulously engineered to align with the intricate mechanics of the Satisfactory game, providing players with a comprehensive set of tools to excel in their factory planning endeavors.


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When using the Satisfactory calculator, you'll find key features that streamline your production planning.

Calculations become effortless with the efficient algorithms at your disposal.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that enhances your overall gaming experience.

Key Calculator Features

To explore the key calculator features efficiently, understand how you can customize display options for rates and counts, select power calculation modes, and set up factories with specific resources and recipes.

The calculator offers options for total average power and peak power calculations, allowing you to tailor the precision of rates and counts to your preference. Additionally, it supports the setup of factories by enabling the selection of belts, recipes, and resources.

Remember that this calculator is copyrighted by Kirk McDonald and licensed under Apache License 2.0. It's a revamped version of the Factorio calculator, rewritten from scratch to introduce new features and provide an enhanced user experience.

Calculations Made Easy

Mastering the functions of the Satisfactory Calculator simplifies complex calculations for optimizing your factory's efficiency.

  • Customize display rates and precision to suit your needs.
  • Utilize total average and peak power calculations for your factory setups.
  • Benefit from support for various setups such as belts, recipes, and resources.
  • Enjoy the ease of use provided by the Sankey diagrams for simpler ratio calculations in Satisfactory.

User-Friendly Interface

Breezing through the Satisfactory Calculator's user-friendly interface is a breeze, simplifying production data input and manipulation. The interface offers total average power, total peak power, and allows for customizable display rates and precision. You can easily configure your factory with specific belt setups, recipes, and resources for precise calculations. The calculator, based on Factorio calculator, has been rewritten from scratch and is licensed under Apache License 2.0. It supports various factory planners, macro planning tools, codex-like browsers, and manual calculation and layout tools for efficient production planning.

Features Description Benefits
Total Average Power Calculates the average power consumption of your factory Helps optimize power usage
Total Peak Power Determines the highest power demand your factory will have Ensures power supply meets demand
Customizable Display Allows you to adjust display rates and precision for better visualization Tailors information presentation
Belt Configurations Set up specific belt configurations for accurate resource transportation Optimizes resource flow
Recipe Configuration Customize recipes for precise production calculations Guarantees accurate output


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By utilizing the Satisfactory Calculator, players can streamline their production processes and optimize efficiency within the game. The calculator offers various benefits that can enhance your gaming experience:

  • Optimizing Production: The calculator helps in optimizing production by providing insights into the most efficient ways to set up production lines and manage resources effectively.
  • Repository Database: It includes a repository database for the production planner, allowing you to plan and track your production processes seamlessly.
  • Custom Algorithms: The calculator utilizes custom algorithms to make certain that your production lines are coherent and operate smoothly, improving overall factory management.
  • Interactive Map: With its interactive map acting as a full-featured save editor, you can visualize and plan your factory layout efficiently, making it easier to manage your operations.

These benefits make the Satisfactory Calculator a valuable tool for Satisfactory players looking to maximize their efficiency and productivity in the game. Whether you're a beginner looking to optimize your production or an experienced player aiming to streamline your processes, the calculator can help you achieve your goals effectively.

User Interface

Designing the user interface of the Satisfactory Calculator focuses on optimizing production efficiency and ensuring smooth operational processes. The interface incorporates a repository database that powers the production planner, facilitating efficient factory construction. Custom algorithms and ELK technologies work together to establish coherent production lines within the calculator, streamlining the planning process. An interactive map feature further enhances the user experience by acting as a detailed save editor, allowing for better management of factory operations.

Leaflet JS forms the foundation of the user interface, providing a robust base for the calculator's design. Custom modules tailored to specific game features are integrated into the interface, enhancing its functionality and usability for users. By utilizing Leaflet JS and custom modules, the Satisfactory Calculator delivers a user-friendly experience that caters to the intricate needs of factory planners and managers.

Database Integration

data management system integration

Integrating a thorough database into the Satisfactory Calculator improves user experience and streamlines factory planning processes. The database in the Satisfactory Calculator is a treasure trove of information, housing details on a vast array of buildings, items, recipes, and schematics. Here are some key points to help you grasp the importance of this integration:

  • The database consists of 488 buildings, 153 items, 755 recipes, and 313 schematics, providing a detailed overview of the game's components.
  • The interactive map within the database pinpoints 1,217 slugs and 115 hard-drives, aiding in resource location and utilization.
  • The library section contains 1,911 blueprints and 389 megaprints shared by the community, fostering collaboration and idea sharing.
  • With 414 nodes, 112 wells, and 18 geysers cataloged in the database, planning resource extraction becomes more precise and efficient.

The community's involvement in expanding the database with 88 mods has greatly enriched the calculator, introducing an additional 3,797 buildings, 2,095 items, 90 tools, 4,018 recipes, and 1,059 schematics. This collaborative effort enhances the calculator's utility and ensures that users have access to a wealth of information to improve their gameplay experience.

Algorithm Efficiency

To enhance your factory planning and production processes in Satisfactory, the satisfactory-calculator's algorithm efficiency guarantees optimized results and smooth operations.

Custom algorithms implemented in the calculator are pivotal in ensuring coherent and efficient production line planning. Leveraging ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) technology further enhances the algorithm efficiency within the calculator.

The algorithmic approach taken by the satisfactory-calculator aims to streamline resource management and maximize output in the game. This significance isn't just a feature but an essential aspect that influences the calculator's ability to provide precise and practical production planning solutions for players.

Integration With Game

integration and gamification combined

You'll appreciate how the Satisfactory Calculator seamlessly integrates with the game, providing benefits like production optimization and process efficiency.

The features offered by this integration enhance your gameplay experience by simplifying factory management and allowing for more strategic planning.

Utilizing the interactive map and production planner will unquestionably streamline your Satisfactory gameplay and help you achieve your production goals efficiently.

Game Integration Benefits

Utilizing the Satisfactory Calculator for game integration opens up a range of benefits that streamline production planning and enhance in-game processes.

  • Optimized production planning for efficient resource management.
  • Smooth processes within the game for enhanced gameplay experience.
  • Custom algorithms and ELK integration for coherent production lines.
  • Full-featured save editor using Leaflet JS and custom modules for detailed planning and editing.

These benefits not only simplify the complexities of production planning but also provide a seamless experience within the game environment.

With the integration of Anthor's SCIM site, the calculator becomes an indispensable tool for evaluating and optimizing factories in Satisfactory, empowering users to maximize their efficiency and enjoyment in the game.

Features Enhancing Gameplay

When integrated with the game, the Satisfactory Calculator introduces features that elevate gameplay by enhancing production planning and streamlining processes for an optimized gaming experience. By utilizing a repository database for the production planner, accurate and efficient production lines are guaranteed. Custom algorithms and ELK create coherent production lines tailored to the game's mechanics. The interactive map, powered by Leaflet JS and custom modules, acts as a full-featured save editor, enhancing factory management and planning. This integration not only simplifies decision-making but also optimizes resource allocation, offering a complete toolset for players to excel in Satisfactory.

Features Description
Repository Database Powers the production planner for accurate production lines
Custom Algorithms Tailored to the game's mechanics for coherent production lines
Interactive Map Acts as a full-featured save editor, enhancing factory management and planning
Leaflet JS Base for the interactive map, with custom modules designed specifically for game features

Planning Capabilities

With its repository database and custom algorithms, the Satisfactory Calculator enhances planning capabilities for optimized production and smooth processes. By utilizing these advanced features, users can streamline their production lines and maximize efficiency in the game.

Here are some key points to help you understand the planning capabilities of the Satisfactory Calculator:

  • The repository database powers the production planner, enabling the use of custom algorithms to create coherent production lines tailored to your needs.
  • The interactive map feature serves as a detailed save editor, allowing for better factory management and planning of your production processes.
  • Custom modules specifically designed for game features are seamlessly integrated into Leaflet JS, forming the foundation for the interactive map tool.
  • The calculator is specifically crafted to assist users in designing efficient production setups and increasing their factory output within the game.

With these tools at your disposal, the Satisfactory Calculator equips you with the resources needed to strategize, plan, and execute your production goals effectively. Whether you're a novice or an experienced player, the planning capabilities offered by this tool can help you optimize your gameplay and achieve success in Satisfactory.

Future Updates

technology changes rapidly

Enhancing its planning capabilities, the Satisfactory Calculator is poised to undergo future updates that aim to refine tool functionality and incorporate user-driven enhancements and optimizations. These updates may include new features, optimizations, and bug fixes to guarantee the tool remains efficient and user-friendly. Expect enhancements based on community feedback, resulting in better usability and overall experience.

Future Updates Details
New Features Expansion of tools to support the latest game content
Optimizations Improving tool functionality and accuracy of calculations
Bug Fixes Addressing any reported issues promptly for a smoother user experience
User-Driven Enhancements Incorporating suggestions for better usability from the community
Development Focus Prioritizing user experience, accuracy, and overall performance

Updates will focus on enhancing the tool's functionality, expanding support for the latest game content, and prioritizing user experience. Stay tuned for announcements regarding the upcoming updates to the Satisfactory Calculator tool, ensuring it continues to meet the evolving needs of its users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can 'Satisfactory-Calculator' Support Multiple Users Sharing a Project?

Yes, 'satisfactory-calculator' can support multiple users sharing a project. It allows for collaborative work, enabling team members to contribute simultaneously. This feature enhances efficiency and promotes teamwork.

With 'satisfactory-calculator,' users can easily collaborate on projects, share ideas, and work together towards a common goal. The platform facilitates real-time updates and seamless communication, making it ideal for group projects or team-based tasks.

Is There a Mobile App Version Available for 'Satisfactory-Calculator'?

If you're wondering about a mobile app for 'satisfactory-calculator,' you'll be pleased to know that there's indeed a mobile version available.

This app allows you to access the features of the calculator on the go, making it convenient for you to work on your projects anytime, anywhere.

With this mobile app at your fingertips, you can easily stay productive and efficient while managing your calculations efficiently.

Are There Any In-App Purchase Options Within 'Satisfactory-Calculator'?

Yes, there are in-app purchase options available within Satisfactory-Calculator. You can access additional features or content by making purchases directly through the app.

These options can enhance your experience and provide added functionality. Be sure to explore the available options and choose what best suits your needs while using the calculator.

Can Users Export Their Project Data From 'Satisfactory-Calculator'?

Yes, you can export your project data from 'Satisfactory-Calculator.' By selecting the export option within the app, you can save your project data to a file that can be easily shared or stored.

This feature allows you to keep a backup of your work or collaborate with others by sharing your project information externally. Exporting data is a convenient way to manage and utilize your project data beyond the app's interface.

Does 'Satisfactory-Calculator' Provide Real-Time Collaboration Features?

Yes, 'satisfactory-calculator' doesn't provide real-time collaboration features.

This means that users can't work simultaneously on projects or see live updates from others.

If you need real-time collaboration, you may need to explore other tools that offer this functionality.

Make sure to take into account your team's needs and preferences when selecting a platform for collaborative work.


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