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This is used for the official forum announcements from the staff team.


Jul 5, 2021
Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've made our last major announcement! GameServersHub has recently been partnered with Discord directly; this comes with exclusive benefits that we intend to use for marketing and growing the community.


What is Discord?:
  • Discord is an online social media platform that allows you to interact with friends/family and strangers in real-time. Discord is a perfect place to get real-time feedback and interactions with others.

Why is this important?:
  • This is important because as a "Server Owner, Server Admin, Developer, Player, Website User" you can now promote your resources and content or find servers, resources, and content the same way you would find it on our website; you can now use the discord server find or promote content in real-time to an active and growing audience!

What does this mean for us, the users?:
  • All this means is that you have more control and access to promote or find resources in real time! Do you run gaming servers? Then use our Discord to promote your game servers to players looking for gaming servers! Are you a developer wanting to learn to code API plugins? Then our discord community is the perfect place to interact in real-time with other developers and learn how to code efficiently! Are you a server admin/owner looking for troubleshooting help with your game servers? Fear not our discord community offers tech support channels for members to take advantage of and learn how to troubleshoot your errors, glitches, or general game bugs.

What about the old arkserverapi discord?:
  • The old arkserverapi discord will go into a "legacy" mode where it will remain alive. However, it will no longer get support or updates. In the future, all support and resources will be dedicated towards the official discord server; we highly encourage you as a community member to take advantage of this popularity as it serves to benefit. This was done so developers could still use the old discord server if they have that personal preference. We will encourage everyone to migrate to the new Discord, which will be the main focus as we advance.

Will the old arkserverapi Discord close down in the future?:
  • Suppose we do decide to shut Discord down. In that case, it will be after all the information inside it is transferred to the new Discord or a public wiki for references. The goal is to leave the option open for everyone who prefers to use the old Discord, but we intend to keep everything inside GSH at some point in the future.

F.A.Q (frequently asked questions):
Question: Why is GameServersHub using a single discord and not multiple discord servers?
Answer: Having several Discord servers to achieve long-term growth and success for our community members does not make sense. GameServersHub was founded to take power away from the toxic sub-communities that mistreat their community members and mass ban people they disagree with; our community was founded to give that power back to you directly! You are the one in control of your gaming servers; You are the one in control of your development resources. You shouldn't have an abusive admin telling you what you can or can't do regarding creative freedom! There are hundreds if not thousands of sub-developer communities that offer "tech support" for games like "Rust, Minecraft, Ark, and 7 Days to Die" and most of them are controlled by discord owners who should not be in charge of these communities; they are lack-luster at best. GameServersHub believes in giving power back to developers, server admins, server owners, and community members. We believe developers have a right to express themselves freely. We believe server admins have a right to promote their communities to the world without being hampered by the so-called "Big Brother" systems in place. By having a singular discord, we allow the target audience to be centralized, allowing better marketing growth for developers releasing resources or server admins promoting their game servers. It also helps server admins looking for help running their gaming servers because it allows them to interact with thousands of fellow peers in real-time dialog.

Question: What if I want to stay in the legacy discord?
Answer: You can still remain in the legacy discord server for the arkserverapi development. However, please understand that we are no longer officially supporting that Discord server and will be migrating everything from that Discord over to the official GSH Discord server. We highly encourage everyone to make the switch today. It will benefit you greatly by having access to thousands more peers to work alongside your development process.


Question: What if I have some concerns regarding the Discord merge?
Answer: You are more than welcome to voice your concerns publically, but please understand that this upgrade will give more power, access, and control back to the developers. My focus for this year, 2024, is to grow and build the site's SEO to have more traffic flow. This benefits everyone using GSH as the traffic gets cycled back directly into your private communities. If you have concerns, you can express them freely, but please be open-minded, as this is a good thing that will benefit everyone in the long run.


Question: Why do I see gaming servers on the official GSH discord server?
Answer: GSH has been running gaming servers for the past few years. This site was built by gamers for other gamers. Naturally, we run gaming servers as most site users do. If you wish not to view the gaming-related discord channels, use the new onboarding system!


You can join the new discord here: discord.gg/gsh
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