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Osiris Team

Mar 10, 2023

AutoPlug automates various things for players and server owners. It is able to auto-update your plugins, mods, server, Java installation, and even itself. It has a built-in server restart scheduler, backup creator, crash detector/auto-restart, directory/log cleaner, auto-EULA, and even allows the creation of synchronized folders (and more). For a list of all features and further details visit

AutoPlug can be used in multiple ways, namely as a server wrapper, a command-line tool, or as a background service (+GUI that can be accessed from the system tray). You can use it on various software, like Minecraft servers and clients, or any other runnable file like scripts, jars, exes, proxies, web- or other game servers.

0% CPU and 0% RAM usage by AutoPlug! It does nothing after running its tasks, so there is no CPU usage and Java is smart enough to move the used memory from the RAM to virtual memory (after some time) so that there is also no RAM usage.


There is also the optional and free web panel at that can start/stop/restart your server and display summaries of recent update checks. With a premium account, you can access the file manager, console, and staff access.


Top-notch support via Discord. The source code can be found on GitHub. Beta downloads can be found here. You can fund this project via PayPal or Patreon.​
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