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🎉 **Introducing Down Under Games - Dive Into ARK Survival Ascended & Beyond!** 🦕


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🎉 **Introducing Down Under Games - Dive Into ARK Survival Ascended & Beyond!** 🦕

Hey everyone, we're thrilled to invite you to Down Under Games, a community born from a passion for gaming and years of experience in creating unforgettable multiplayer moments.

**What's Our Story?**

We've been on this journey for a while, running game servers under the familiar Minecraft banner. We've learned a lot along the way, from ensuring smooth gameplay to keeping our community engaged and safe. Now, we're branching out, starting with ARK Survival Ascended and with plans to expand into other gaming adventures soon. We're bringing with us all the lessons, expertise, and camaraderie we've built over the years.

**Why Join Us?**

🔹 **Inclusive Community**: Whether you're a solo adventurer or part of a tribe, you'll find a welcoming home here.
🔹 **Experienced Staff**: We know the ups and downs of running game servers and are here to ensure a smooth experience.
🔹 **Diverse Gameplay**: Delve into ARK's PvE and PvP realms, and stay tuned for more games in the future!

**Our ARK Servers:**

- **The Island - PvP**:
**Server Name**: `[DUG] Server 1 - TheIsland - 2x Harvest & xp | 5x Taming - PvP`
Modded: No

- **The Island - PvE**:
**Server Name**: `[DUG] Server 2 - TheIsland - 5x Harvest & xp | 10x Taming - PvE`
Modded: Yes

- **Svartalfheim - Modded Map - PvE**:
**Server Name**: `[DUG] Server 3 - Svartalfheim - 5x Harvest & xp | 10x Taming - PvE`
Modded: Yes

🔗 **Ready to Dive In?**
Join the adventure and become part of our growing family: [Join our Discord](https://downunder.games/discord)
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