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Journey into Velheim's crafting world with the mysterious Artisan Table, where powerful items await - are you ready to unlock its secrets?
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If you're looking to amp up your crafting skills in Valheim, check out the Artisan Table in Velheim. It requires 2 Dragon Tears and 10 Wood, obtained by defeating Moder. This table is key for advancing your crafting abilities, allowing you to craft high-quality items and gear within a 40-meter range. Plus, you can create structures like blast furnaces and spinning wheels. Interested to discover more about this essential tool for success in the game world?

Key Takeaways

  • Craft advanced items and gear.
  • Enables construction of structures.
  • Crafting range of 40-meter radius.
  • Obtain by defeating Moder.
  • Crucial for advancing crafting capabilities.

Crafting Materials for Artisan Table

To craft the Artisan Table in Valheim, you need to gather 2 Dragon Tears and 10 Wood. Dragon Tears are rare items that can only be obtained by defeating Moder, the boss of the Mountain Biome. These tears are essential for advancing your crafting capabilities in Valheim, as they're specifically required for the Artisan Table.

The Artisan Table is a key crafting station that allows you to create advanced items and gear in the game. Without the Artisan Table, you'd be limited in your ability to progress and enhance your equipment. The table serves as a central hub for various intricate crafting recipes that are vital for survival and success in Valheim.

Obtaining Dragon Tears can be a challenging task, as Moder is a formidable opponent. However, the rewards are well worth the effort. Once you have secured the 2 Dragon Tears needed for the Artisan Table, you can combine them with 10 Wood to construct this important crafting station. Wood, a more common resource, can be easily gathered from trees scattered throughout the game world.

Properties of Artisan Table

What unique features distinguish the Artisan Table in Valheim from other crafting stations? The Artisan Table stands out due to its durability of 200, rain damage susceptibility, and specific crafting requirements. Crafting this table demands 2 Dragon Tears and 10 Wood, making it a valuable but costly asset in your crafting repertoire. It is interesting to note that while the table is weak to chop damage, it holds a neutral stance against blunt, slash, pickaxe, fire, frost, and lightning damage types. This makes it a versatile crafting station suitable for various tasks.

To further understand the properties of the Artisan Table, let's break down its key characteristics in a clear table:

Property Description
Durability 200
Dimensions 2.8 x 2.6 x 1.9
Crafting Requirements 2 Dragon Tears, 10 Wood
Damage Vulnerabilities Weak to chop, neutral to blunt, slash, pickaxe, fire, frost, lightning
Crafting Range 40-meter radius

These properties make the Artisan Table an essential piece for advanced construction projects within Valheim, enabling the creation of structures like blast furnaces and spinning wheels.

How to Obtain Dragon Tears

collecting dragon tears guide

If you want to acquire Dragon Tears in Valheim, your best bet is to defeat the boss Moder. Dragon Tears are vital for accessing advanced crafting stations in the game, making them highly sought after by players. Moder, a fearsome dragon boss, drops these valuable tears when defeated. To summon Moder, players need three Dragon Eggs, which can be found in Mountains biome. Once you have gathered the necessary Dragon Eggs, head to the ritual site marked by the rune stones and offer them to summon Moder.

Prepare yourself for a challenging battle when facing Moder. Make sure you have strong weapons, armor, and plenty of healing items to increase your chances of success. Working together with other players can also make the fight more manageable.

Successfully defeating Moder will reward you with Dragon Tears. Remember that you need two Dragon Tears to craft the Artisan Table, an essential crafting station in Valheim. If you find yourself in need of more Dragon Tears for other advanced crafting recipes, you can choose to battle Moder multiple times to collect additional tears. Good luck on your quest to obtain these precious tears from the mighty dragon Moder!

Crafting With the Artisan Table

Discover the potential of advanced crafting in Valheim with the Artisan Table. This table serves as a gateway to revealing various crafting stations like the Spinning Wheel, Windmill, and Blast Furnace. Through these stations, players can explore intricate crafting processes, converting resources such as Flax to Linen Thread and Barley to Barley Flour with ease.

One of the standout features of the Artisan Table is its ability to access the Blast Furnace, enabling the creation of Black Metal weapons and tools. By smelting Flametal Ore in this furnace, players gain entry to a high-tier resource with promising future applications in Valheim updates. This advancement opens up a world of possibilities for crafting, allowing players to craft advanced items and powerful weapons that can aid them in their adventures.

With the Artisan Table at your disposal, you can elevate your crafting capabilities to new heights. Whether you're looking to gear up for challenging encounters or simply enhance your crafting repertoire, the crafting stations revealed by the Artisan Table provide the tools needed to succeed in Valheim's vast and dynamic world. Master the art of crafting with the Artisan Table and spark your creativity in forging formidable gear and resources.

Resistance Attributes of Artisan Table

artisan table resistance features

When examining the resistance attributes of the Artisan Table in Valheim, you'll notice that it has vulnerabilities to Chop damage but remains neutral to various other damage types such as Blunt, Slash, and elemental damages like Fire, Frost, and Lightning.

Surprisingly, the Artisan Table shows resistance to Pierce damage and is completely immune to Poison and Spirit damage. Additionally, it's important to note that the Table's durability can be affected by rain, making it vital to assess its material strength for long-lasting use.

Durability of Table

The durability of the Artisan Table stands at 200 units, showcasing vulnerability to chopping damage but resilience against piercing damage, poison, and spirit damage, while being susceptible to rain-induced wear.

  • Weak to chopping damage
  • Resistant to piercing damage
  • Immune to poison and spirit damage
  • Susceptible to rain-induced wear

Understanding the durability of the table is important for its maintenance and longevity. While it can withstand piercing damage effectively, it requires protection from chopping impacts. Additionally, the table's immunity to poison and spirit damage ensures its stability in various environments. However, precautions must be taken to prevent rain-induced wear, which can compromise the table's structural integrity over time.

Material Strength

Crafting an Artisan Table in Valheim reveals its material strength through distinct resistance attributes against various damage types, shaping its durability and performance in the game world.

When considering the resistance attributes of the Artisan Table, it's essential to note that it's weak to Chop damage but neutral to Blunt, Slash, Pickaxe, Fire, Frost, and Lightning damage types.

The table also shows resistance to Pierce damage, while being immune to Poison and Spirit damage. Utilizing Black Metal Scrap in crafting the Artisan Table can enhance its overall material strength, providing increased durability and protection against external threats.

Understanding these resistance attributes is important for optimizing the functionality and longevity of the Artisan Table in Valheim.

Unlocking Advanced Structures

Now, let's discuss the advantages of accessing advanced structures in Valheim.

Explore new building techniques and strategies as you immerse yourself in the world of the Windmill, Blast Furnace, and Spinning Wheel.

These structures provide distinctive functionalities that can enrich your crafting experience and unlock a realm of possibilities in the game.

Advanced Structure Benefits

Accessing the advanced structures at the Artisan Table in Velheim expands your crafting horizons and introduces new powerful items for your arsenal.

When you gain access to the Spinning Wheel, you acquire the ability to craft Linen Thread, an essential material for advanced gear.

The Windmill empowers you to produce Barley Flour, vital for sustaining your character in the game.

The Blast Furnace is where you can smelt Black Metal and Flametal ores, enabling you to forge formidable weapons like the atgeir, axe, knife, and sword. Even though Flametal ore currently serves no purpose, smelting it in the Blast Furnace might hold potential for future updates.

These advanced structures greatly enhance your crafting capabilities, opening up a world of possibilities in Valheim.

Building Techniques Revealed

To access the advanced structures at the Artisan Table in Velheim, you must first overcome Moder and then gather the required materials. Once you have the 2 Dragon Tears and 10 Wood in hand, use your Hammer to craft the Artisan Table.

This table is the gateway to accessing advanced structures like Windmills and Blast Furnaces. The Windmill proves useful as it can convert Barley to Barley Flour, while the Blast Furnace efficiently processes high-tier ores.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Get an Artisan Table in Valheim?

To acquire an artisan table in Valheim, conquer Moder to obtain the Dragon Tears necessary for crafting it. You'll need 2 Dragon Tears and 10 Wood to create the Artisan Table using a Hammer.

Once constructed, this table reveals advanced crafting stations like the Windmill and Blast Furnace.

Keep in mind, engaging with the Artisan Table necessitates a roof and 70% cover. It's essential for crafting potent weapons, food, and advanced items in Valheim.

How to Get More Recipes for an Artisan Table?

To acquire more recipes for the Artisan Table in Valheim, defeat bosses across different biomes. Each boss drops unique items that grant access to new crafting options. Explore and conquer specific areas to expand your recipe collection.

What Is an Artisan Table?

An artisan table in Valheim is a crafting station used for advanced structures like blast furnaces and spinning wheels. It's essential for accessing powerful weapons and food recipes.

To make one, you need 2 Dragon Tears and 10 Wood. Remember, the table is vulnerable to rain damage and requires a roof with 70% cover for use.

Defeat Moder, the boss of the Mountain Biome, to get the Dragon Tears necessary for crafting the artisan table.

How to Craft a Table in Valheim?

To craft a table in Valheim, gather the required materials, like wood and Dragon Tears, by defeating bosses. Make sure you have a suitable location with a roof and 70% cover to place the table.

Once ready, use the materials to craft the table at a workbench. Remember, the table is essential for constructing advanced crafting stations and creating powerful items in Valheim.


Overall, the artisan table in Velheim is a game-changer for crafting in the game. With its unique properties and the ability to craft powerful items, it's essential for players looking to excel in their adventures.

By accessing advanced structures and harnessing the power of dragon tears, you can truly take your crafting skills to the next level.

Don't underestimate the importance of the artisan table – it's the key to success in Velheim.

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