Satisfactory Space Elevator

On a planet full of possibilities, the Space Elevator in Satisfactory offers unparalleled advancement - but what secrets does it hold?

Embark on a engineering marvel that propels your Satisfactory gameplay to new heights with the indispensable Space Elevator. Efficiently progress through the game by accessing new technologies via this pivotal structure. Constructed with special parts, it symbolizes advancement and grants access to advanced features. Transport resources strategically with belts, trains, or drones to enhance efficiency and throughput. Advancing through phases reveals challenging milestones and signifies technological progress. Discover the dimensions, stability considerations, and strategic placement of this symbol of achievement. Ready to elevate your game to new levels and reveal the secrets of the Space Elevator?

Key Takeaways

  • Essential for unlocking new Tiers and Milestones
  • Facilitates progression and access to advanced technologies
  • Requires Special Project Parts for construction and upgrades
  • Represents significant progress and achievement in the game
  • Optimizes resource transportation efficiency for automation

Importance of Space Elevator in Satisfactory

Utilizing the Space Elevator in Satisfactory is essential for progressing through the game and accessing new Tiers efficiently. The Space Elevator acts as a pivotal structure within the game, enabling players to complete Phases and advance to higher Tiers in the HUB Terminal. To construct and upgrade the Space Elevator, players must gather and utilize Special Project Parts. These parts are vital components that facilitate the construction and advancement of the Space Elevator project.

As you navigate the game world, you'll find that the Space Elevator serves as a beacon of progress and a key milestone in your journey. It not only aids in efficient resource transportation but also acts as a visual representation of your advancement through the game. By completing phases within the Space Elevator project, you not only gain access to new Tiers but also unlock advanced technologies and blueprints that are essential for expanding your operations.

Unlocking Tiers With Space Elevator

As you advance through the game and construct the Space Elevator, gaining access to new Tiers becomes vital for reaching advanced Milestones in Satisfactory. The Space Elevator will reveal these Tiers as you complete Phases of the Project. Each Tier reveals new technologies, blueprints, and upgrades that are essential for expanding your factory and optimizing production.

To progress through the Tiers, you'll need to deliver specific Project Parts to the Space Elevator for each phase of the Project. These Project Parts are usually complex and require a diverse range of resources for their completion. By completing the required deliveries, you'll advance through the different Tiers and reveal access to more advanced technology and higher-level Milestones.

Revealing higher Tiers with the Space Elevator isn't only necessary for advancing in the game but also opens up new possibilities for automation, resource management, and efficiency. Each phase of the Space Elevator Project builds upon the resources and achievements of the previous phases, creating a sense of progression and accomplishment as you work towards revealing the full potential of your factory.

In essence, the Space Elevator serves as a gateway to revealing and accessing more intricate and challenging gameplay elements in Satisfactory, rewarding your efforts with enhanced capabilities and opportunities for innovation.

Construction and Dimensions of Space Elevator

space elevator design details

How are the construction and dimensions of the Space Elevator in Satisfactory determined?

The Space Elevator in Satisfactory stands as one of the most significant structures in the game, boasting dimensions of 54m in width, 54m in length, and 118m in height. To complete this grand project, special Project Parts must be delivered for each phase of Project Assembly. It's vital to place the Space Elevator at a suitable distance from the base, guaranteeing accessibility without compromising efficiency.

When constructing the Space Elevator, keep in mind that it requires a substantial foundation size of 7×7 blocks. This size accommodates the massive scale of the structure and ensures stability and durability. The Space Elevator serves not only as a functional part of your operations but also as an important landmark for navigation. Its presence signifies progress and achievement within the game, making it a symbol of your success in managing resources and advancing your production capabilities.

As you work on completing the Space Elevator, pay attention to the delivery of Project Parts and the strategic placement of this monumental structure. By following these guidelines and understanding the significance of the Space Elevator, you can effectively utilize this vital component in your Satisfactory journey.

Resource Transportation Efficiency

To guarantee peak efficiency in transporting resources to the Space Elevator in Satisfactory, consider implementing strategic logistical plans and utilizing various transportation methods such as conveyor belts, trains, or drones.

Here are some tips to enhance your resource transportation efficiency:

  • Utilize conveyor belts: Conveyor belts are a reliable and efficient way to transport resources short distances. By setting up a well-designed conveyor belt system, you can secure a steady flow of resources to the Space Elevator, reducing manual labor and increasing efficiency.
  • Implement logistical strategies: Develop a detailed logistical plan that minimizes travel time and maximizes resource throughput. By optimizing routes, scheduling deliveries effectively, and managing inventory levels, you can streamline the transportation process and improve overall efficiency.
  • Consider using trains or drones: For long-distance resource transportation, trains or drones can be valuable assets. Trains are ideal for transporting large quantities of resources over extended distances, while drones can provide fast and agile delivery options for time-sensitive materials.

Progressing Through Space Elevator Phases

advancing space elevator technology

Begin a journey of technological advancement by advancing through the different phases of the Space Elevator, each revealing new tiers and granting access to advanced technologies in Satisfactory.

The progression through the Phases of the Space Elevator is vital for discovering new opportunities and enhancing your capabilities. Starting with Phase 1, you'll need to manufacture 50 smart platings using reinforced iron plates and rotors. Once you achieve this milestone, you can move on to Phase 2, which demands 500 smart platings, 500 versatile frameworks, and 100 automated wiring. Upon completion, Phase 3 awaits, requiring 2500 versatile frameworks, 500 modular engines, and 100 adaptive control units.

As you reach Phase 4, the challenges escalate with the need for 4000 assembly director systems, 4000 magnetic field generators, 1000 nuclear pasta, and 1000 thermal propulsion rockets.

Each phase of the Space Elevator reveals new tiers in the HUB Terminal, providing access to advanced technologies that will propel your journey forward. The introduction of the Modular Engine in Phase 3 signifies a significant technological advancement, enabling you to harness more power and efficiency in your operations.

Keep progressing through the Phases, revealing new tiers in the HUB, and embracing the cutting-edge advancements that come with each milestone. Your dedication to advancing through the Space Elevator Phases will lead you to new heights of success and innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Foundations for Space Elevator Satisfactory?

To build the Space Elevator in Satisfactory, you need a total of 49 foundation blocks.

Each foundation block for the Space Elevator is 8 meters square in size, and the base of the elevator occupies a space of 56×56 meters.

This massive construction stands at a height of 118 meters.

Upgrading the Space Elevator allows you to access new tiers in the HUB Terminal and progress to the next phase.

How to Build a Space Elevator?

To establish a Space Elevator, initiate it and collect unique Project Parts. Assemble these parts to advance through phases, unlocking new Tiers.

Once constructed, the Space Elevator stands as a beacon guiding your journey forward. It symbolizes your progress and opens up new opportunities for growth and exploration.

Embrace this monumental task, for it will shape your path in the vast expanse of possibilities that lie ahead.

Where to Put Space Elevator?

When deciding where to put the Space Elevator, consider a location that balances accessibility and factory expansion. Placing it centrally might limit your layout options, hindering your factory's growth.

Opt for a spot that allows easy access to the Space Elevator while keeping it away from the main factory area for efficient gameplay progression. Balancing convenience and space is key to maximizing the benefits of the Space Elevator in Satisfactory.

Is a Space Elevator Technically Possible?

Yes, a space elevator is technically possible. Scientists believe in its feasibility based on current knowledge.

Challenges like material strength and engineering exist but ongoing research aims to address them. Various designs with materials like carbon nanotubes are being explored.

Advancements in technology contribute to the potential realization of a space elevator. Exciting progress is being made towards this futuristic transportation concept.


As you reach the pinnacle of your journey, the satisfactory space elevator stands tall, a beacon of progress and efficiency. With each level cleared, you soar closer to the stars, transporting resources with ease and precision.

Embrace the power of the space elevator, guiding you through the phases of advancement and discovery. The future is bright, and the possibilities are endless as you continue your ascent towards greatness.

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