Satisfactory Coal Generator

Analyze how the Satisfactory Coal Generator can revolutionize your power production in just a few simple steps.

To maximize power in Satisfactory efficiently, utilize the Coal Generator producing 75 MW/min. Each one needs 15 coal and 45 m³ of water/min. Build multiple Generators for higher output. Use Coal, Compacted Coal, or Petroleum Coke as fuel. At Tier 3, advanced energy production becomes accessible. Generators occupy 260m², requiring 20 Reinforced Iron Plate, 10 Rotors, and 30 Cables. Automation and proper fuel management enhance efficiency. Overclocking boosts output by 250%, but monitor resources closely. Optimizing with more generators and water extractors scales the power grid. Seek community advice for further insights.

Key Takeaways

  • Coal Generator produces 75 MW of power using 15 coal and 45 m³ of water per minute.
  • Consider automation and efficient fuel management for optimal power production.
  • Overclocking boosts power output by up to 250%, but monitor resources to prevent shortages.
  • Scale power grid by adding generators and water extractors, optimizing belt speed.
  • Troubleshoot by balancing coal and water ratio, using pumps, and seeking community advice.

Coal Generator Overview

In Satisfactory, the Coal Generator efficiently converts coal and water into 75 MW of energy per minute. Each Coal Generator consumes 15 coal and 45 cubic meters of water every minute to produce this power. This means that to sustain the operation of a Coal Generator, you need a steady supply of coal and water. The amount of coal and water consumed by a single Coal Generator may seem significant, but the energy output of 75 MW per minute makes it a valuable power source in the game.

To maximize your power production, you can build multiple Coal Generators. By calculating the number of Coal Generators you need based on your energy requirements, you can guarantee a reliable power supply for your operations. Keep in mind that Coal Generators can support different types of fuel such as Coal, Compacted Coal, and Petroleum Coke. This flexibility allows you to optimize your power generation based on the resources available to you.

Activating Coal power in Tier 3 of the hub opens up a whole new level of energy production in Satisfactory. The construction of the Space Elevator is an essential step in accessing this power source. Once you have activated Coal power, strategically placing your Coal Generators and managing your fuel supply will be vital in maintaining a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Dimensions and Area

Moving on to the dimensions and area of the Coal Generator in Satisfactory, this structure occupies an area of 260m² with dimensions of Width 10m, Length 26m, and Height 36m. When constructing the Coal Generator, you will need 20 Reinforced Iron Plate, 10 Rotors, and 30 Cables. These materials are essential for setting up this efficient power source. To explore further into the components required for building the generator, refer to the table below:

Component Quantity
Reinforced Iron Plate 20
Rotor 10
Cable 30

Understanding the dimensions and area of the Coal Generator is important for planning its placement within your factory setup. With its 260m² footprint, ensuring sufficient space is allocated to accommodate its size is crucial for a well-organized and efficient layout. Additionally, as you progress in Satisfactory, automation plays a significant role in optimizing the functioning of the Coal Generator. By utilizing conveyor belts and pipe inputs, you can streamline the process of fueling the generator and enhance electricity production. Incorporating automation into your setup enhances productivity and allows for smoother operations in managing power generation efficiently.

Fuel Consumption Details

fuel consumption and efficiency

To understand the efficiency of the Coal Generator in Satisfactory, explore its fuel consumption specifics. When operating a Coal Generator, it's crucial to take into account the fuel consumption rate to optimize your power grid. The Coal Generator consumes 45 m³ of water per minute at 100% clock speed, while requiring 15 coal per minute to run efficiently. If you opt to use Compacted Coal as the fuel source, each generator will consume 50 Compacted Coal per minute when running seven generators at full speed.

One advantage of using Compacted Coal is its higher energy output compared to regular Coal, with a fuel energy of 630 MJ. This makes Compacted Coal a more effective choice for powering your Coal Generators. When setting up your power production infrastructure, make sure you have a steady supply of water from Water Extractors and use Conveyor Belts or Pipeline Pumps to transport the fuel to your generators efficiently.

Consider employing Miner Mk. for mining operations to guarantee a stable supply of resources for your Coal Generators. By managing your fuel consumption effectively and selecting the appropriate fuel type for your generators, you can maintain a dependable power supply for your operations in Satisfactory.

Generators and Overclocking

Boost the power output of your coal generators by overclocking them beyond their base capacity. Overclocking allows you to increase the power output of each coal generator by up to 250%. This means you can generate more electricity from the same number of generators, providing a significant boost in energy production efficiency.

However, overclocking comes with a trade-off. While you get more power, you also consume more resources, mainly coal.

You need to carefully monitor your resource consumption when overclocking your coal generators. Balancing the increased power output with the availability of resources is important to prevent shortages and maintain a stable power grid. Remember that the maximum clock speed for coal generators is 250%, so keep this limit in mind when overclocking.

Coal Power Setup Tutorial

powering homes with coal

When establishing your coal power grid, make sure that you carefully balance the water supply with the 45m³ per minute requirement of each coal generator. To set up an efficient coal power system, consider the following steps:

  • Automation: Implement automation by connecting water extractors to coal generators using conveyor belts and pipes for a seamless operation.
  • Scaling: Scale your coal power grid by adding more coal generators and water extractors to meet increasing power demands independently.
  • Optimization: Optimize your coal power generation by upgrading to Mk2 belts for faster coal transportation and adjusting water extractor efficiencies for better resource utilization.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshoot any issues by ensuring the proper ratio of coal and water, using pumps for vertical water transportation, and optimizing coal distribution for consistent power supply.

Remember to seek out community tips and support for valuable insights, solutions, and collaborative opportunities to enhance the efficiency of your coal power setup. By following these guidelines and leveraging community knowledge, you can create a robust and reliable coal power grid to meet your energy needs in Satisfactory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Coal Does a Coal Generator Need Satisfactory?

To run efficiently, a Coal Generator in Satisfactory needs 15 coal per minute. Balancing coal supply with power demand is important for best performance.

Overclocking can boost power output but increases coal consumption. Monitoring coal input regularly is essential to avoid power shortages in the grid.

Is It Worth Overclocking a Coal Generator Satisfactory?

Overclocking a Coal Generator in Satisfactory can provide a power boost, but it comes with trade-offs. Consider your energy needs and available resources before deciding.

It's like adding hot sauce to a meal – a little can enhance the flavor, but too much may overpower it. Be mindful of increased fuel consumption and make sure you can sustain the higher power levels with the necessary coal input.

Make a thoughtful choice that aligns with your factory's demands.

How Many Coal Generators per Coal Miner?

When determining how many coal generators per coal miner, consider the ideal ratio of 1 Miner Mk.1 or Mk.2 to 8 Coal Generators for peak power. Overclocking Miners can shift this balance, so adjust accordingly.

Calculating coal consumption per minute helps determine the correct number of Generators per Miner. Take into consideration factors like resource purity and overclocking for efficiency.

Balancing Coal Generators with Miners guarantees you're utilizing resources effectively.

Is Coal Unlimited Satisfactory?

When it comes to coal in Satisfactory, you might wonder if it's unlimited. Well, the game does have finite coal nodes that can run out over time.

But fear not! By using alternative fuels and smart planning, you can maintain the power flowing.


As you step back and gaze at your fully operational coal generator, the hum of electricity in the air fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

The steady rhythm of the machines working in harmony is like a symphony of productivity. With your efficient setup in place, you can rest easy knowing that your power needs are met.

Keep on generating that energy and watch your base thrive with power and success.

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