How to Get Clay in 7 Days to Die: Essential Crafting Guide

Learn the essential tips to efficiently acquire clay in 7 Days to Die, starting with crafting a Stone Shovel - but that's just the beginning!
collecting clay in game

To efficiently get clay in 7 Days to Die, craft a Stone Shovel using Small Stones, Plant Fibers, and Wood. This tool is important for clay collection. Enhance shovel with mods like Ergonomic Grip for stamina and Grave Digger for speed. Dig in dark, moist spots for higher clay yield. Look for goldenrod and cotton plants as indicators of nearby clay. Upgrading shovel improves clay acquisition. Clay is essential for crafting and now must be collected manually. If you want advanced clay acquisition techniques, keep exploring the diverse strategies available.

Key Takeaways

  • Craft Stone Shovel for efficient clay gathering.
  • Use mods like Ergonomic Grip for stamina boost.
  • Target dark, moist areas for higher clay concentration.
  • Look for goldenrod and cotton plants as clay indicators.
  • Upgrade shovel quality for optimal clay collection.

Crafting Stone Shovel for Digging

To craft a Stone Shovel in 7 Days to Die for efficient digging, gather 5 Small Stones, 3 Plant Fibers, and 3 Wood. This basic tool is essential for gathering Clay Soil in the game. When you head out to collect clay, having the Stone Shovel will make your task much easier. In Alpha 17, Clay no longer naturally occurs in biomes, so having your Stone Shovel ready is vital for when you need to gather clay efficiently.

The Stone Shovel is your go-to tool for digging up Clay Soil quickly. By crafting it using the specified resources, you equip yourself with the means to gather clay effectively. When you're out exploring the game world and come across areas with Clay Soil, having the Stone Shovel at hand will allow you to collect clay without wasting time or effort. It's a simple yet indispensable tool for your survival in 7 Days to Die.

Improving Shovel Efficiency With Mods

enhancing digging tools creatively

Enhance the efficiency of your shovel for collecting Clay Soil by equipping mods like the Ergonomic Grip Mod and Grave Digger Mod. These mods are essential for increasing your digging speed and stamina, which are vital for efficient clay gathering. By applying the appropriate mods to your shovel, you can greatly boost your productivity and resource yield. Remember, the quality of your shovel plays a substantial role in how much Clay Soil you can gather, highlighting the importance of using mods to enhance its performance.

To help you understand better, here is a comparison table showcasing the features of the two essential mods for your shovel:

Mod Name Functionality
Ergonomic Grip Mod Increases your stamina, allowing for prolonged digging.
Grave Digger Mod Boosts your digging speed, making clay collection faster.

Equipping your shovel with these mods will not only expedite your clay gathering process but also ensure that you collect a higher yield of Clay Soil efficiently. Make sure to prioritize enhancing your shovel with these mods to optimize your resource collection in 7 Days to Die.

Strategic Clay Soil Gathering Techniques

strategic soil collection methods

Implementing strategic tactics is key to maximizing your efficiency in gathering Clay Soil in 7 Days to Die. To gather clay efficiently, you should use a shovel to dig up Clay Soil from the ground. Crafting a Stone Shovel with 5x Small Stone, 3x Plant Fibers, and 3x Wood specifically for gathering clay is essential. Enhancing the quality of your shovel will result in more effective collection of Clay Soil. Additionally, attaching mods like the Ergonomic Grip Mod and Grave Digger Mod to your shovel can greatly improve your efficiency when gathering clay.

Since Clay no longer naturally occurs in biomes in Alpha 17, you must employ deliberate gathering methods. When scouting for Clay Soil, focus on areas where the ground appears darker and more moist, as this indicates a higher concentration of clay. By targeting these specific spots, you can optimize your clay gathering efforts and stockpile this important resource for crafting in the game. Remember, being intentional and strategic in your approach to gathering clay will save you time and effort in the long run.

Changes to Clay Biome Spawns

changes in clay biome

Due to recent updates in Alpha 17 of 7 Days to Die, the natural occurrence of clay in biomes has been eliminated. This means that players can no longer stumble upon clay deposits while exploring different terrains. Instead, obtaining clay now requires a more hands-on approach. You must equip yourself with a Shovel and actively dig Clay Soil from the ground. This change in game mechanics encourages players to engage more actively in the resource gathering process.

Crafting a Stone Shovel becomes essential for efficiently gathering Clay Soil. By investing in mods like the Ergonomic Grip Mod and the Grave Digger Mod, you can enhance your shovel's efficiency, making the clay extraction process smoother and quicker. These modifications can greatly boost your productivity when collecting clay, allowing you to amass larger quantities in a shorter amount of time.

The removal of clay from natural biome spawns adds a layer of challenge to resource gathering in 7 Days to Die. It requires players to adapt their strategies and invest time in manual extraction methods. By embracing these changes and optimizing your tools, you can still effectively gather clay to meet your crafting needs in the game.

Using Goldenrod and Cotton

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To efficiently locate clay in 7 Days to Die, keep an eye out for goldenrod and cotton plants as they often indicate nearby clay deposits. Clay is frequently found in areas where these plants grow together, making them valuable visual cues for players seeking this important resource. By digging in locations abundant with goldenrod and cotton plants, you can greatly increase your chances of finding clay in the game.

Goldenrod and Cotton Plants as Indicators of Clay Deposits

Fact Description
Visual Cues Goldenrod and cotton plants serve as indicators of nearby clay deposits.
Grouping Together Clay is often found in areas where goldenrod and cotton plants are grouped.
Efficient Digging Dig in locations with these plants to efficiently find clay in the game.

Seeking Guidance From Youtube

seeking youtube tutorials for guidance

You can enhance your clay-finding skills by turning to YouTube for helpful tips and tricks. Experienced players share their efficient techniques through video guides on clay gathering. Watching these tutorials can provide you with valuable insights on how to mine and collect clay effectively in 7 Days to Die.

Youtube Clay Gathering Tips

For valuable insights on efficient clay gathering in 7 Days to Die, turn to YouTube tutorials from experienced players. By watching these videos, you can learn about spotting clay locations, maximizing clay yields, and reducing stamina usage effectively. Content creators often share tips and strategies for clay collection, helping you improve your gameplay. Below is a table summarizing some common clay gathering tips found in these YouTube tutorials:

Clay Gathering Tips Description
Spotting Clay Locations Learn how to identify clay-rich areas in the game world.
Maximizing Clay Yields Discover methods to extract the most clay from deposits.
Reducing Stamina Usage Efficient ways to manage stamina during clay gathering.
Tools and Equipment Best tools and gear for efficient clay collection.
Building Clay Pits Techniques for creating clay pits for easy harvesting.

Video Clay Mining Guide

How can video tutorials on YouTube enhance your clay mining efficiency in 7 Days to Die? YouTube videos can provide valuable insights into locating clay deposits and utilizing the right tools like the iron shovel efficiently. By watching these tutorials, you can learn specific techniques for spotting clay-rich areas, maximizing your clay yield, and optimizing your overall mining strategy. Experienced players often share their tips and tricks, helping you understand the best practices for successful clay mining in the game. Following step-by-step guides offered in these videos can greatly enhance your gameplay skills and improve your clay gathering process. Take advantage of these resources to become more proficient in collecting clay in 7 Days to Die.

Key Takeaways for Clay Acquisition

clay acquisition key points

To optimize your clay acquisition efficiency in 7 Days to Die, upgrading your shovel and incorporating mods like the Ergonomic Grip Mod can greatly enhance your clay gathering capabilities. When digging for clay, focusing on Clay Soil is essential, as this is where you will find the clay resource. Crafting a Stone Shovel using specific resources is vital for efficiently gathering Clay Soil. Upgrading the quality of your shovel is key to speeding up the clay collection process. By adding mods like the Ergonomic Grip Mod, you can further improve your clay acquisition speed and effectiveness. Remember that in Alpha 17, clay no longer naturally occurs in biomes, so you must actively dig for it to obtain this important resource.

Clay is a valuable material used in various crafting recipes in 7 Days to Die. To make the most of your clay, consider investing in the Crucible attachment for the Forge, which opens up advanced crafting options. By prioritizing your clay acquisition and optimizing your shovel with upgrades and mods, you can guarantee a steady supply of clay for all your crafting needs in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Clay in 7 Days to Die?

To find clay in 7 Days to Die, explore rivers, ponds, and dark areas, especially in forest biomes. Look on cliff walls and underwater in rivers, and check rivers that change biomes for clay deposits. Search under bridges, in deep lakes, and near cliff facings. If you're low on clay, consider making clay from cornmeal. Get creative in your search for this essential resource.

Can You Turn Clay Soil Into Clay 7 Days to Die?

Yes, you can turn clay soil into clay in 7 Days to Die. By smelting 50 units of clay soil in a Forge, you will obtain 5 units of clay. This process is essential for crafting various items within the game. Make sure to utilize the Forge efficiently for converting clay soil into clay to meet your crafting needs.

How Do I Turn a Lump of Clay Into Clay in the Game 7 Days to Die?

To turn a lump of clay into usable clay in the game 7 Days to Die, simply smelt it in the Forge. This process will yield 5 units of clay from each lump. Clay is an essential resource needed for crafting many items, especially for creating the Forge itself, which requires 50 units of clay. Remember, smelting the clay in the Forge is the key to converting it into a usable form for your crafting needs.

What Tool Is Best for Clay 7 Days to Die?

If you want to gather clay efficiently in 7 Days to Die, the Steel Shovel is your go-to tool. It provides the highest yield and speed, making clay collection a breeze. Look for or craft a Steel Shovel to maximize your clay gathering potential. This tool offers durability and efficiency, helping you gather resources faster. Upgrade to steel or iron shovels for even better performance, reducing stamina usage and increasing clay extraction efficiency.


To sum up, acquiring clay in 7 Days to Die can be a challenging but rewarding process. By crafting a Stone Shovel and enhancing its efficiency with mods, employing strategic gathering techniques, and utilizing resources like Goldenrod and Cotton, players can effectively gather clay. Did you know that on average, players need to collect around 500-1000 clay soil blocks to obtain enough clay for crafting various items in the game?

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