7 Days to Die Item ID: Revealing In-Game Secrets

Looking for 7 Days to Die Item IDs? Uncover the codes for handy items like weapons, tools, clothing, and more, starting with the letter 'H'...
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If you're playing 7 Days to Die and need specific item IDs, here's a handy list across various categories like weapons, tools, clothing, food, medical supplies, buildings, vehicles, resources, and miscellaneous items. These IDs will help you easily identify and use different items in the game to enhance your gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Weapon, tool, clothing, food, medical, building, vehicle, and resource items have unique IDs for easy identification in 7 Days to Die.
  • Item IDs streamline item management, crafting, and gameplay interactions, enhancing the player experience.
  • Each item category, from weapons to resources, has distinct numerical identifiers for efficient spawning and manipulation.
  • Item IDs like Steel Pickaxe (ID 123) and Vegetable Stew (ID 116) enable specific item spawning and usage in-game.
  • Miscellaneous items like Springs (ID 8) and Small Stone (ID 5) are also assigned unique IDs for quick recognition and utility.

Weapon Item IDs

When searching for weapon item IDs in 7 Days to Die, you can easily identify specific items with unique numerical or alphanumeric codes. For instance, the Shotgun Shell Schematic is labeled with the ID 956, making it distinct from other items in the game. This ID allows you to quickly locate and interact with this particular weapon blueprint. Similarly, the Steel Arrow is designated by the ID 257, streamlining the process of acquiring or referencing this ammunition type in your inventory.

Moreover, the Sawed-off Shotgun Schematic can be found with the ID 923. This numerical tag serves as a digital fingerprint for this weapon blueprint, ensuring that you can differentiate it from other schematics or items within the game. Additionally, the Rocket Launcher Stock is represented by the ID 254, enabling you to swiftly pinpoint this specific component when assembling or modifying your weaponry.

In contrast to the numerical IDs, some items in 7 Days to Die are identified using alphanumeric codes. For example, Sarah's Treasure Map is easily recognizable with the ID qt_sarah. This unique combination of letters and underscores distinguishes Sarah's treasure map from other in-game items, providing a seamless way to track and utilize this particular weapon-related item. By understanding these weapon item IDs, you can enhance your gameplay experience by efficiently managing and utilizing various weapons and equipment.

Tool Item IDs

tool identification numbers listed

Get ready to explore the world of Tool Item IDs in 7 Days to Die. Basic Tool IDS and Advanced Tool IDS are the key categories awaiting your discovery. Understanding these IDs will enhance your gameplay and modding experience.

Basic Tool IDS

Basic tool IDs, such as the Steel Pickaxe (ID: meleeToolPickT2SteelPickaxe), are essential for efficient item management and game development in 7 Days to Die. Each tool in the game is uniquely identified by a specific code, aiding in scripting and organizing gameplay elements. These item IDs can be located in the items.xml file, structured for easy reference. By utilizing tool item IDs, developers can seamlessly implement and reference the functionalities of tools within the game environment. Understanding the significance of these IDs is important for maintaining a streamlined development process and ensuring that tools function correctly within the game world. The Steel Pickaxe, with its specific ID, plays a significant role in resource gathering and survival within the game.

Advanced Tool IDS

To effectively progress in 7 Days to Die, mastering the Advanced Tool IDS is essential for accessing powerful crafting options and enhancing your gameplay experience. Below is a table showcasing some essential advanced tools along with their corresponding item IDs:

Tool Name Item ID
Steel Shovel 122
Steel Pickaxe 123
Steel Fireaxe 121

Understanding these item IDs enables you to efficiently spawn these advanced tools and utilize their enhanced capabilities in the game. Whether you're digging for resources with the Steel Shovel, mining ores with the Steel Pickaxe, or chopping down trees with the Steel Fireaxe, knowing the item IDs is vital for optimizing your gameplay in 7 Days to Die.

Clothing Item IDs

unique identifiers for clothing

Let's now talk about Armor ID Codes, Headwear Item Numbers, and Footwear Identification Keys. These specific Clothing Item IDs are essential for identifying different pieces of clothing in the game. By grasping these unique identification numbers, you can efficiently manage and customize your inventory in 7 Days to Die.

Armor ID Codes

Armor ID codes in 7 Days to Die are essential for quickly identifying and accessing specific clothing items for your character. Each armor piece, such as SWAT helmets and boots, is assigned a unique ID code. These codes streamline item management and customization within the game. By utilizing these ID codes, players can efficiently locate their desired clothing items through console commands. Understanding the armor ID codes not only aids in quick access but also allows for easy equipping of specific items, enhancing your gameplay experience. Whether you are gearing up for combat or looking to personalize your character's appearance, knowing the armor ID codes is a valuable asset in exploring the vast array of clothing options available in 7 Days to Die.

Headwear Item Numbers

Headwear items in 7 Days to Die are uniquely identified by specific item numbers for easy recognition and management. Each type of headwear, such as hats, helmets, and masks, has a significant item ID associated with it. These item numbers play an important role in inventory management and character customization within the game. By knowing the item IDs for headwear items, players can efficiently spawn or modify these items using commands. Below is a table showcasing some examples of headwear item numbers:

Headwear Type Item Number
Cowboy Hat 120
Football Helmet 122
Bandana 125
Mining Helmet 130
Skull Cap 135

Footwear Identification Keys

To easily distinguish and manage different types of footwear in 7 Days to Die, specific item IDs are assigned for each item. These item IDs serve as unique identifiers for each footwear option available in the game. By utilizing these IDs, players can easily locate, spawn, and manipulate different types of footwear within their inventory. Understanding the footwear item IDs is essential for efficient inventory management and quick access to the desired footwear options. These IDs are an integral part of the game's item database, providing players with a structured way to interact with and track the various footwear choices available in 7 Days to Die. Familiarizing yourself with these item IDs can streamline your gameplay experience.

Food Item IDs

food item identification numbers

When managing your inventory in 7 Days to Die, understanding the unique item IDs assigned to food items is essential for efficient gameplay and customization. Food item IDs are specific codes given to each food item in the game, aiding in crafting, trading, and inventory management. These IDs can also be utilized for spawning particular food items via commands, enhancing your gameplay experience.

Below is a table showcasing some food item IDs in 7 Days to Die:

Food Item Item ID
Yucca Juice 114
Vegetable Stew 116
Cornbread 117

Medical Item IDs

medical device identification numbers

Understanding the importance of medical item IDs is essential for effectively managing your inventory in 7 Days to Die. Medical item IDs serve as unique identification numbers that play an important role in distinguishing various healing supplies within the game. By familiarizing yourself with these IDs, you can streamline your inventory organization and swiftly access important medical items when needed.

Here are four essential medical item IDs in 7 Days to Die:

  1. Bandages (ID: 112)
  2. First Aid Kits (ID: 113)
  3. Antibiotics (ID: 114)
  4. Painkillers (ID: 115)

These numerical identifiers are utilized in the game's underlying code to pinpoint specific medical supplies accurately. Players can leverage medical item IDs in commands to spawn precise healing items during their gameplay adventures. By grasping the significance of these IDs, you empower yourself to efficiently manage your inventory, ensuring you have the necessary medical resources to combat injuries and ailments in the unforgiving world of 7 Days to Die.

Building Item IDs

identifying construction materials precisely

Building Item IDs in 7 Days to Die serve as unique numerical identifiers assigned to various construction materials and objects within the game world. These IDs are vital in the game's code as they are used to reference and spawn specific building items for players to interact with during gameplay.

Examples of Building Item IDs encompass a wide range of items such as blocks, furniture, traps, and other structures that players can utilize to construct and customize their bases and environments. Whether you're looking to fortify your defenses, create intricate structures, or set up traps for unsuspecting zombies, understanding these Building Item IDs is essential for a seamless building experience in 7 Days to Die.

Vehicle Item IDs

identification numbers for vehicles

To identify and utilize different vehicles in 7 Days to Die, players need to be familiar with the important numerical identifiers known as Vehicle Item IDs. These IDs are essential for spawning specific vehicles in the game world efficiently.

Here are four examples of Vehicle Item IDs in 7 Days to Die:

  1. Motorcycle – Item ID: 67
  2. Gyrocopter – Item ID: 69
  3. 4×4 Truck – Item ID: 70
  4. Minibike – Item ID: 68

Understanding these Vehicle Item IDs allows players to summon their desired mode of transportation promptly. Whether you need the speed of a Motorcycle, the versatility of a Gyrocopter, the durability of a 4×4 Truck, or the compactness of a Minibike, knowing the associated Item IDs is key.

Resource Item IDs

identifying resource item codes

Resource Item IDs in 7 Days to Die serve as unique numerical identifiers essential for managing and interacting with various resources in the game. These IDs are vital for referencing specific resources during crafting, looting, and trading activities. Each resource item in the game is assigned a distinct ID, facilitating precise item management. By utilizing resource item IDs, players can efficiently spawn, manipulate, and engage with resources within the game world.

Understanding resource item IDs is paramount for players interested in modding, scripting, and customizing their gameplay experiences in 7 Days to Die. Whether you're looking to enhance crafting options, adjust loot tables, or create unique in-game scenarios, familiarity with resource item IDs is fundamental for implementing these changes effectively. With the right resource item IDs at your disposal, you gain the ability to tailor the game to suit your preferences and gameplay style.

Miscellaneous Item IDs

item identification for games

Curiously, what unique item IDs distinguish miscellaneous items in 7 Days to Die? Here are a few remarkable item IDs for miscellaneous items in the game:

  1. Stick of Dynamite – Item ID: 1070
  2. Springs – Item ID: 8
  3. Splint – Item ID: 138
  4. Small Stone – Item ID: 5

In 7 Days to Die, each item is assigned a specific item ID for easy identification and management within the game. Understanding these item IDs can help you quickly locate and utilize various miscellaneous items during gameplay. For instance, if you are in need of Springs for crafting or repairing, knowing that their item ID is 8 can save you time searching through your inventory or looting locations. Similarly, if you come across a Stick of Dynamite with item ID 1070, you can easily differentiate it from other explosives or items. By familiarizing yourself with the item IDs of miscellaneous items like Splints (ID: 138) and Small Stones (ID: 5), you can streamline your gameplay experience and make efficient decisions when dealing with different resources and tools. Learning these item IDs adds a layer of depth to your gameplay and enhances your overall gaming experience in 7 Days to Die.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Spawn Items in 7d2d?

To spawn items in 7 Days to Die, you need to use the 'giveself' command in the console. Access the creative menu by pressing F1 or F2, then hit the U key to find the items you want to spawn. Remember to check the items.xml file in the game's directory for the proper names of items and their corresponding codes. Understanding this structure is essential for successfully spawning items in 7 Days to Die.

How Do I Find My 7 Days to Die Entity Id?

To discover your 7 Days to Die entity ID, you can explore the game files or utilize console commands. These unique identifiers are essential for spawning specific items, blocks, or creatures in the game world. Understanding your entity IDs gives you the ability to summon your desired items or entities into existence within the game. Explore the game files or make use of console commands to reveal the secrets of your entity ID and shape your gameplay experience.

How to Use Giveself Command 7 Days to Die?

To use the giveself command in 7 Days to Die, press F1 or F2 to access the creative menu, then hit U to find item names. Refer to the items.xml file for specific item names needed in the command. Understanding the structured naming format is key for accurate item spawning. Each item has a unique code digit for quick referencing in commands. Mastering this process will help you efficiently spawn items into your inventory.

How to Access Creative Menu 7 Days to Die?

To access the creative menu in 7 Days to Die, just press F1 or F2 and then hit the U key. This menu will give you access to various items for the 'giveself' command. You can find the proper names of items in the items.xml file. The names follow a structured format for identification. For example, 'meleeToolPickT2SteelPickaxe' is the unique name for the steel pickaxe item.


To sum up, being aware of the item IDs in 7 Days to Die can significantly improve your gameplay experience. Remember, 'knowledge is power' when it comes to surviving in this post-apocalyptic world. So, take the time to acquaint yourself with the various item IDs for weapons, tools, clothing, food, medical supplies, buildings, vehicles, resources, and miscellaneous items. With this information at your disposal, you'll be better equipped to thrive in the harsh environment of 7 Days to Die.

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