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  1. oi eu baixar Plugins do servido nao esta pegando nao sei se tem alguma mecanica
  2. ArkShop3.01
Hi, cant seem to get the basic running on my asm...

04/28/22 12:56 [API][error] Plugin is missing! ArkShop might not work correctly
04/28/22 12:56 [API][error] Plugin Permissions is missing! ArkShopUI might not work correctly
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The TPG community is a friendly and helpful group of casual players who have found their home within the trash bins of the unwanted. Don't let the bandit mask fool you, this community is tough on griefers and strives for a balanced feel to make any playstyle enjoyable

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seem the config for kal cross ark chat is broken all it says when you download it is
"ServerName": "畸变",
"DbPathOverride": "D:\\Data\\CrossServerChat.db",
"CopyRight": "QQ:283325980"
hello, could you tell me where to find my HWID thank you
Hwid gets printed in the server console after the plugin loads and server starts

If you need help please join my discord
Hello, I am setting up the DM plugin right now and had some questions. I am willing to pay in order to have some help with it, if you can help pls add me on discord DoritoKiip#0001