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Weekend Server Rate's Modifier

Weekend Server Rate's Modifier 1.4

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Works fine for me.
it has, since the beginning of time, failed to reset settings properly to the unmodified rates. Especially if a server crashes while modified. There are dozens of reports of it!
So you may not have issues, you may not even know that you actually do. that doesnt mean that the majority of people have seen the failures


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Quick question, does this plugin auto update configurations ?


No, it's not. Or do you mean if it's changing settings inside Game.ini or GameUserSettings.ini ?


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I'd like to know whether if we need to restart our server every week or only the first ?
With this plugin it changes values on the server live so no you don't need to restart the server when using this plugin


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Technical question about this and how it changes the rates you set.
Does it swap out the default rates w/ the ones configured in the API or does it take the default rate and ADD the API rate to it?
Example. Our servers run 2x EXP normally. We'd like to have it doubled for the weekend making it 4x. What value to I put into the API config.. 2x (to double our default) or 4x (to overwrite the default rate)


Edit: I found my answer in a post a page or so back. The values in the API overwrite the default values.
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@OwnProx is it possible to get a rcon command to reload the config?
It is a pain in the ass to travel all around the maps to do that via ingame chat
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You think he's joking?

This plugin has been broken for over a year. It increases rates pretty well, but never reverts them if a restart happens while in an increased state. Great idea, total crap implementation. Zero concern from the author.


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How does the day implementation work now? Is it windows time? It's on start day 6 and end day 1.. 7 and 0 are the weekend days. If it checks for when that day hits and then boosts the rates, shouldn't it be on start day 7 and end day 1?
Does it still work? I see people saying that if a server restart happens, it won't revert the boosted rates...


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I love the idea of this plugin but it seems that our Weekend settings get "stuck" after changing. The MOTD remains the same through-out the week after the weekend rates should've ended rather than reverting back to what it was prior to the weekend.

"WeekendRatesDisabledMessage":"Weekend Rates Disabled",
"WeekendMOTD":"x5 Weekend (Xp, Resources), x2 Taming",
"NormalMOTD":"x4 Weekday Rates",

The MOTD never gets switched back but the Rates seem to. I just stepped outside base to confirm that I'm picking up the proper amount of Stone during the Week. ;P
But it is extremely confusing to have the MOTD remain the same display through-out the week unless I manually update it in the GUS.ini across the cluster.


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What do I need to edit for these weekend rates?

  • Taming = 2.5 → 5.0
  • Loot Quality = 1.0 → 1.2
Friday 00.00am - Sunday 12:00am. (72 Hours)
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