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[UAG] Unofficial Alliance of Gamers [Founder]


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I enjoy Server Hosting as much as i do playing the games and making new virtual friends. The API , Plugins, Mods and Scripts in the Game Server Hub really add so much more to already great game titles. Thankfully, the torch has been passed and not forgotten and will continue to burn for many years to come. So many great Artistic and Creative Developers are part of this API scene who make the servers we host so much better than vanilla i can't imagine playing anything without visiting this forum to see what API Plugins i can find, try out or buy to make the players game experience even better.

Although we are not very popular, [UAG] has a discord with many members, and we all use our own personal equipment to host long term unofficial PVE and PVP game servers. Some examples are:
Ark Survival - [UAG] Arkageddon PVE, Atlas - BarnicleBill Adventures, RUST - [UAG] Trust No One . . . and more to come. [UAG] Discord Members can contact me if interested in hosting a unofficial server and join the alliance, and have their unofficial server added to the discord while being exposed to over 400 [UAG] Members and still growing . . .

Bachelors in Science - all things InfoTech related and i enjoy creating, designing, hosting, unofficial servers as a hobby in my free time. Family, Friends, Work, Life are most important and when i don't have time to support the Unofficial Alliance of Gamers community Members, we have other Dedicated Admins and Server Owners who share the same passion for the hobby as i do. Active Community with many diverse members of all ages who are absolutely the best!

Thank you ! for keeping the API Scene alive and well your continued support for all the great developers, past and present, out there and giving them a place to be known, have a voice, and share all their hard work, talented and creative ideas for all of us gamers and server owners to continue and enjoy.



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