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[Steam] Small Ark Cluster - Light PVP, OFFline Raid protected, Small Tribes Like rates (x3.5 XP Harvest / x6 Breed)

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Small Ark Cluster

**[ NEW SERVER WLL BE ADDED ON THE 27/05/2023]**

We are a cluster of 6 servers (expanding over time). Five being the main servers (Ragnarok, Extinction, Abberation, The island and Lost Island ) these are permanent servers with no wipes. The other server will be rotating maps every week to allows players to tame and gather resources from them - which is voted by the community.

This cluster is based on small tribes rates with some aspects slightly sped up. (see below rates) All servers will be completely OFFLINE raid protected to allow other players that don't have as much time to survive and play long term. Events will happen weekly with opportunity to unlock tek-grams and other prizes.

The idea behind the server is simple. If you want to play ark but can't commit 12 hours a day like you have to on small tribes, this is the place for you. No politics or drama, log in and play how long you want. You will still wake up inside a base that wasn't offline raided :).

Server Rates


XP Multiplier - x3.5
Harvesting Multiplier - x3.5
Tame Multiplier - x3.5
Slot Stack Size - x2
Breeding: x6
Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - x6
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier - x6
Imprint Interval 75% more often


Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier - x6
Baby Mature Speed Multiplier - x6
Imprint interval 75% more often
Other tribe member allowed to imprint your dino


Titan & Titanosaurus taming is Disabled.
Structure Permanent Pickup is Enabled.
Weapon and Saddle Cap to match OFFICIAL settings.
PVP Gamma is Enabled.
Offline Raid Protection is Enabled.
One /Setorp Per map, Per tribe.
Max wild dinosaur is 150.
Structure Collisions are Disabled.
Other tribe member allowed to imprint your dino
Flame thrower Damaged reduced by 25%
Can't Place C4 near your own structures (4 foundations)

Awesome Spy Glass
Solo Farming Mod
PVP+ mod
Cross Cluster Chat
Offline raid Protection (After 25min of last tribe member disconnecting your ORP area will gain x5 turret DMG and 75% structure restistance )

This is not a hardcore "PVP" server such as small tribes, I'm trying to create something that still involves PVP aspects and some survival thinking like where to build rather than spread your dinosaurs across a beach and no one can do anything about it. We are trying to make it very hard to raid, but still possible. Basically involve the whole game content on servers but instead of foundation wiping each other we try to do things together.


We honestly have a great few people on the servers so far. Everyone from different back ground and experience in game. We sit on voice chat most of the nights and run things together like titans, maybe a boss or just have a chat. Any changes on the server are down to active players that vote on our discord so the server gets moulded to fit around majority of players and not crazy changes happen. Pop on our discord and just say Hi




→ steam://connect/ - ROTATING MAP
→ steam://connect/ - RAGNAROK
→ steam://connect/ - EXTINCTION
→ steam://connect/ - THE ISLAND
→ steam://connect/ - ABBERATION
→ steam://connect/ LOST ISLAND

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