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Real Madrid Players Tier List


level 1: Melchor Ruiz (melchorcope), Miguel Angel Diaz (miguelitocope), Jose Luis Sanchez (JLSanchez78) - Radio MARCA level 2: David Garrido (SkySportsDavid) - SkyRevista Spanish level 3: Phil Kitromilides (PhilKitro), Alex Kirkland (alexkirkland) level 4: Ben Hayward (bghayward) - Madrid, Dermot Corrigan (dermotcorrigan)


Real Madrid has some finest players, and if you are a top fan of this team, then you must probably have heard about Santiago Bernabéu. I will use https://toptierlist.net/lifestyle/real-madrid-players-tier-list/ this site to find more details on the players. He used to be one of the top footballers of his time. He signed with Real Madrid in the year 1909 when he was only 14 and would go on to captain the team. He was a star striker for the Merengues and had amazing strength and clinical finishing at a very essential and formative time in the club’s history from 1the years of 1911 to 1928. In the only 80 official matches, he got the back of the net 70 times. The team owes him a lot because of his dynamic performance towards the team as a player and as an executive.
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