[ARK: Survival Evolved] Looking to Commission two Token-Based Plugins

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I am looking for an experienced and competent plugin developer that can develop two plugins that will utilize two different token databases that, with player-inputted commands, will execute certain tasks. This will be for the game ARK: Survival Evolved.

The first plugin will be a token that, when consumed, distributes a configured/defined amount of XP to a players' creature, including ones that cannot be mounted/saddled. Will accept configs that allow costumes/saddles to be copied over.

The second plugin will be a token that, when consumed, clones the creature a player is looking at, copying the sex, stats, colors, species, etc. and creating a new creature with a unique creature ID.

For both plugins, I am looking for security measures to be implemented such as preventing tokens affecting non-tribe members, possible cooldowns for use, in-game message notifications, commands for checking token balances, anti-duping, and other QoL things. Both plugins will need to have RCON-compatible commands to distribute tokens to players' Steam 64IDs.

This is a paid commission, prices negotiable. I don't mind if the plugins are redistributed afterwards for the GSH market. Preferably having a portfolio of existing resources is great.

Discord: [NR]#1822 / <@217119930951270401> (frequently checked),
DM me here (infrequently checked),
Email: [email protected] (infrequently checked).
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