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[Steam] [EU] New World Rising | Full Loot | No Wipes | Active Admins

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Server Name
  • [EU] New World Rising | Full Loot | No Wipes | Active Admins

Connection Info

  • Squad

  • No offline raiding.
  • No base blocking.
  • No Alliances.
  • No Teaming.
  • Countering the raiders is not allowed.
  • Countering the raiders it's allowed only if the ones that are raiding have at least 2 shards acquired.

  • Auto punishment for low-level kills which applies a de-buff when you kill a player that is 15 levels lower
  • Leader board that keeps track of kills, death and the K/D ratio of players and ranks them
  • Random encounters will spawn a random NPC near you at random intervals, and if you kill the NPC within the given time limit you will win a random item as a reward.

More Info
  • Brand new server
  • The server use standard settings (same settings as on official servers)
  • The server is moderated by active admins and it does not wipe.

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