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ArkShop Abberation Modded Shop Config

[Other] ArkShop Abberation Modded Shop Config 2.0.3

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techartguy submitted a new resource:

ArkShop Abberation Modded Shop Config - Full Shop Modded Config Template

This is a full shop configuration template for a modded Abberation server using patron tiers in permissions groups and an sql database. Starter Kit is configured to automatically be available to new players with a limit of two uses. If you want it to be purchasasable. Add a price line....Then they will need to wait until enough time passes to have points to buy it or if you use vote rewards, Shop Rewards or Tebex...use that route for point accruals.
It contains all event skin packs up to...

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techartguy updated ArkShop Abberation Modded Shop Config with a new update entry:

Fixes and mod asset additions for ArkShop v3.02 Beta 4

* Skinnable Tek Entries consolidated into existing skin packs
* Added entries for Classic Armor Skins mod
* Fixed replication error in Beach party skin pack, will now show correct contents as intended
* Removed inventory backup kit as mod has moved player and admin backup to escape menu screen in game.
* Added general mining stryder and element gacha admin replacments for situations of "getting arked"

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