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[Official] ArkServerAPI - Migration - New Chapter

This is used for the official forum announcements from the staff team.


Hello everyone we're excited to announce that "ArkServerAPI.com" has officially been migrated into "GameServersHub.com" the community will be receiving active updates.

F.A.Q (frequently asked questions):
What exactly is "GameServersHub" branding?
- Michidu has agreed to move the website in a cleaner and new direction. GameServersHub recently has taken lead to support ArkServerAPI; GameServersHub fully intends to grow the website platform and provide more tools for the developers directly. GameServersHub is an online marketplace(community) where server admins from all walks of life can come together to improve their gaming servers. GameServersHub provides a marketplace where freelancers can sell or purchase services that directly enhance their gaming-related communities. GameServersHub offers methods and ways for users to earn a "live-able" income by using the platform. GameServersHub works now with some of the largest developers within the gaming communities to provide you with the proper API and framework to run and manage your gaming communities properly.

What can we expect for the future of the community?
- Great question! You can expect regular updates from now on. You can expect the "support team" members to directly provide content that will dramatically give developers more freedom and control over the content they want to produce and put out. You can count on the new "ArkServerAPI" to have better security and stability in the online marketplace. One of the big focuses right now is being able to create jobs for both the "developer" and the "support team" members who work with "ArkServerAPI." We want to provide content for you to grow your community and earn a stable income doing so, which is crucial to have in these modern times we are living in.

What about Michidu?
- Great question! Michidu has agreed it's time to step away and take a break from hosting the ArkServerAPI project and has decided that "GameServersHub" will be the perfect solution to grow and expand the community into a much larger infrastructure with better stability for the developers. Michidu is and has always been a great mentor and inspiration to all of us as he founded ArkServerAPI, and that will always remain to be true; Michidu will hold a council position within the community and still be a part of the community, but Michidu will no longer be active in supporting the community.

Website Updates:
  • The website now has the "classic" arkserverapi website light theme that users may select at the bottom of the page. This allows you to view the website in the classic old-school arkserverapi theme and layout with updated features.
  • The website now has a "dark" mode option for the classic arkserverapi theme you can enable dark mode by clicking the light switch icon on the nav menu or at the top of the footer on the bottom of the page.
  • The website now supports stricter "standardization" file upload requirements for resources. The old layout allowed file types that aren't related to arkserverapi. The new layout supports zip, JSON, YAML, YML, XML file types only this will cover the plugins/configs directly. This will allow third-party services using the 🔥│rest-API to take full advantage of compatibility for their projects.
  • The website now allows developers to upload a max of "4" files instead of "1" inside single resources when uploading. This is helpful for developers who have additional files such as discord bots or website scripts that are directly connected to the plugin. This helps resolve duplicated resource postings and gathers them together into a single posting to improve the overall resource thread quality when posting.
  • The discord server now has premium "ticket bot" features to better resolve and handle support requests.
  • The discord server will be getting improvements today and becoming more organized.
  • A separate discord is created to handle other website requests that are not related to "arkserverapi" directly it can be located at 👑│partners
  • Changed the resource review character requirement from "0" to "250" this change will ensure that resource reviews provide the minimal content required to give a detailed and more honest review. This will dramatically reduce the number of trolls that sell bash and damage developer's reputations.
  • Resource upload file size has been increased to "150MB" compared to being at "15MB" this gives developers more control and freedom on uploading more complex resources.
  • Users may now unlock hundreds of new "trophies" on the website to unlock additional website rewards.
  • Developers can now use several payment provider options instead of only having the "Paypal" option. (Stripe/Bank Transfer/2 Checkout/Cryptocurrencies) several new payment options, with more being added in the near future.
  • Developers now have several new customization options when uploading "resources" you can upload "cover images, discord server invite, GitHub URL, website URL, donation URL," and many more options.
  • Developers can now add "team members" into a resource project. Team members are fellow website users who can upload patches/changes or modify the resources entirely. This allows developers to work together on projects to produce efficient results.
  • Developers now have more variety options when uploading "resources" you are no longer limited and restricted to only uploading " exclusive " content for ark/atlas. You can now upload content for "discord bots" or "website projects" and so much more! Please remember that we will have some rules and terms of service changes to ensure this is handled safely and professionally.
  • We've implemented a fully automated "advertisement" system directly into the website. Are you interested in promoting your content? Would you like to drive more sales to your resources? Well, now you can take full advantage of the website's "automated" advertisement system, where you can purchase website ads for a specific amount of time. These ads will display directly to thousands of web traffic and have proven results for click rates!
  • Discord integration is now set up between the website and the discord server. This will allow your ranks to be synced directly on the discord server if registered and signed up on our website. These ranks will unlock exclusive discord channels and provide rewards/perks/incentives for linking them together.
  • The website now supports several easy access methods to log in or create new user accounts. You can use existing accounts like "steam/discord/google/Twitter/Facebook" and other social media accounts to log in directly to the website. This system allows users more detailed logging and creating accounts without the headache of filling out lengthy information.
  • The website is now using the "latest" files and updates to ensure a more stable and established framework going forward. This new system will allow us to grow the website community to a much larger infrastructure scale while still keeping the same community everyone loves.
  • Improved back-end security of the website to provide more protection against outside attackers.
  • Resources now support global world currencies for every country in the world.
  • Past Supported Currencies:
  • Discord ranks are now synced with the website ranks this is handled automatically.
  • Discord bans are now synced with the website bans this is handled automatically.
  • Improved the login security for backend
  • Added new "Payment Provider" for "Coinbase Commerce" developers can now accept cryptocurrencies. This solution will dramatically reduce the "chargebacks" or "funds(frozen)" issues that many devs have reported about Paypal being more strict.
  • Removed the [] tags for all resource prefixes.
  • The "Home" button has been removed until the landing page is updated. Credit to "Dream Doctor | Foppa" for the idea.
  • Dramatically improved the "REST API" system compared to the old system. This will allow developers to take full control and advantage over-collect real-time website data to use inside their own content. We highly suggest taking advantage of this feature as it will dramatically improve the quality of life for maintaining resources long-term.
  • Resolved a bug reported where users had issues editing their own resources.
  • Resolved a bug reported where users were able to edit other user's resources.
  • Applied a hotfix solution that was preventing members from downloading the main resources.
  • Resolved a bug where duplicated prefix tags were being added to "Paid" plugins.
  • Integrated a very advanced and in-depth discord logging system that our support team members can trace and monitor real-time actions on the website directly into private staff channels. This will provide the staff team with much-needed tools to improve moderation and ensuring the safety of our community members are the main focus now.
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing the "Ark Survival Evolved" cover preset from showing up.
  • Developers can now upload "cover images" to their resources which improves the overall thread quality of the resource posted.
  • Community users can now upload "Configuration Files" as an option for "Resources" this will allow users to create pre-configured files to share with others.

Honorable notes:
- Special thanks to "BloodyArk" for becoming the first person to use the Advertising System.
- Special thanks to "Default_NL" for becoming the first person to upload a "paid" resource on the website.
- Special thanks to "Dream Doctor" for critical feedback to improve the overall website.
- Special thanks to "Foppa" for helping establish the new migration.
- Much love for the website reaching a total of 17,000+ members!
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What about purchases we made on the ARKAPi site?

Wasn't that migrated as well? My purchased licenses are no longer displayed.
Resource developers have the option to add any purchases you make. You can contact the sellers directly, and they will have you added back. If any seller fails to add you back, you can create a support ticket inside the ArkServerAPI discord community for further assistance.


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