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Ark Adverts

Ark Adverts 1.9.1

No permission to download


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Did you get any response?
Thx In advance

Pretty sure you can do everything this plugin does and more with my RCONScheduler plugin. Link is in my signature if you want to look at it.


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I was wondering is it possible to set a max level for a message. I have some new player messages that spam the players every few minutes. But theses messages get old over time and are less revelent to old players.

i would love to set Max player lvl 110 for some messages. So my chat is less cluttered by theses messages for players that dont need to see them anymore.

I dont see any option in the config.


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I confirm that Advert.Reload is not working.
I would like to ask if it is possible to set different intervals for each mode?
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