[Steam] Apex Gaming STEAM/EPIC Cluster

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Hello, Welcome to Apex Gaming
This server was established in 2022 and aims to be a fun and long-lasting unofficial PVE ark community.
We offer a vanilla experience that welcomes both Steam and Epic players.
Overall experience its enhanced by our custom QoL implementations that include
- custom player engram points per lvl
- custom player stat gains per lvl
- discord - game chat integration
- automated decay system
- custom stacks with weight reductions
- voting rewards for both steam and epic players that can be aquired from our webshop
... and many more,
For full info visit our website at apexgaming.dev

We are privately hosted on the following hardware :
AMD 7 Ryzen 3700X 4.05 Ghz
128GB Corsair DDR4 AMD Ryzen Optimised
2 X 1TB Nvme Hard Drives
1 Gbit/s Uplink

We currently run 8 servers :
The Island, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis, Genesis II, Ragnarok, Fjordur, Scorched Earth
Tempest Dedicated Servers