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Admins Permissions 1.2

No permission to download


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Is this already avalible? If yes can you tell me wich one? :)


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Is this already avalible? If yes can you tell me wich one? :)
it's not available since it's very specific to your needs, you're gonna have to make one on your own


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Hello ppl,

i read all and still dont understand how i give the commands to admins or other group :\

for sure i miss someting but someone can help me with that ?



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Sorry, I meant to elaborate earlier, but we're doing a ton of interviews. :D
We know how to use plugins. We added a group called Events. We used a command like this:
Permissions.Grant Events Cheat.InfiniteStats (or gcm, ghost, fly, etc... we tried a few)

Assigned Events to an events person... But when they log in, they are unable to use the command. We've tried in chat box, in console, with cheat command and cheat.command, tried case-sensitive, etc... Is there a trick to get the Admin Permissions plugin to work?

UPDATE: We got this to work since then, for anyone else who has questions, make sure they type in the chat box, starting with /cheat command.
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for sure iam missing someting, you cant just place Permissions.Grant Events Cheat.fly

think miss something to the config file like
permission: XXXX


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Hello ppl,
so like i say befour i dont find nothing about how work that plugin so i go read the main code to see if i undertsnad something and yes :D i get and is working now so i go explain if someone get same problem :)

1 - download the adminspermissions
2 - put on plugin folder
3 - go RCON and make the group exemple events (Permissions.AddGroup events)
3 - Go Rcon and make Permissions.grant events cheat.YYY (XXX = name from group and YYY command you want that group use)
4 - Give permission to player Permissions.Add steamID events

now on chat you need just use Cheat.command

and work :D

so the plugin is not configurable what he make is on permissions, if you are on that group and use /cheat.something he go remove the /cheat. and use command :D



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cheat kickplayer, banplayer is impossible with that plugin. you cant gather someone's steam id by this plugin standalone. you need to use showmyadminmanager or rcon tool etc.


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We are currently testing this plugin. Permissions/commands working perfectly if someone used it ingame we can see it over chat. But we cant find the executed command in the ShooterGame.log or Rcon output. Any idea?



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Yeah we can't see it in any logs either. But with an old version of Discord Integrator, the commands used to show up in our Discord at least.

However, we found that the latest Discord Integrator plugin doesn't log AdminPermission commands. We're working on a solution this week, hopefully that works or we may have to use an old version of DiscordIntegrator which still logs plugin commands.


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Hi, This plugin doesnt seem to respect case sensitive commands.
for example

[15:02:10] > permissions.addgroup commands
[15:02:10] Successfully added group
[15:02:25] > permissions.grant commands cheat.playercommand.Ascend3
[15:02:25] Successfully granted permission
[15:02:48] > permissions.grant commands commands
[15:02:48] Successfully granted permission
[15:02:58] > permissions.playergroups 76561198101383309
[15:02:58] Default
[15:03:09] > permissions.add 76561198101383309 commands
[15:03:09] Successfully added player
[15:04:00] > permissions.playergroups 76561198101383309
[15:04:00] Default,commands

I typed:
permissions.grant commands cheat.playercommand.Ascend3

[15:20:29] > permissions.grant commands cheat.playercommand.ascend3
[15:20:29] Group already has this permission

This specific command is case sensitive and wont work if you use cheat playercommand ascend3.

It will only work if you were to cheat playercommand Ascend3.

Is there anyway to get this to work?


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Is this even working? We are trying to get this up and running for our server. We have permissions. Made a group called Test, added a player to it, gave him the ability to fly, with cheat permissions.grant test cheat.fly and also did cheat fly
yet he cant fly?


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Nice plugin, very handy.
Not all commands are working yet such as: Cheat ForceJoinTribe - Joins the targeted tribe

But if you dont want PrintToChat can you have a `command use` confirm message, just like LogSelf or something?
Whenever PrintToChat = true then you can skip LogSelf for example

"LogMsg":"Admin '{0}' used command: {1}",
"LogSelf":"You have used command: {1}",
"NoPermissions":"You don't have permissions to use this command"
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How would i go about granting all commands to a player/group and where/ how do they enter the commands is it in game chat or is it in client console?
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