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  1. Foppa

    [Resource] Structures Limit

  2. Foppa

    [Resource] Structures Limit (Test)

  3. Foppa


    This resource has been removed and is no longer available.
  4. Foppa


    Foppa submitted a new resource: TestPlugin - Testing Read more about this resource...
  5. Foppa

    Plugin Damage Control - 1.5.1

  6. Foppa

    Plugin Player Activity - 1.1.0

    Added Config for "OnlineActivity" and "ServerActivity". Added "Server Kick (Banned)" Event (Triggers if you get insta logged out) Added "Left SpawnScreen" Event (Triggers if you don't have a playerid / tribeid, for example during character creation) Added a function to load in all currently...
  7. Foppa

    Free Structures limit - 2.0b

    Merge from ARK Version 2.3 Note: This release is almost untested and comes with zero guarantees!
  8. Foppa

    Free Command Logger - 1.0

    Initial Release for Atlas
  9. Foppa

    Free Structures Limit - 2.5.1

    Fixed a rare crash scenario when using some of Wooly's plugins where incorrect data was used
  10. Foppa

    Free Extended RCON - 3.3

    New commands added: KickAllPlayers KillAllPlayers ListAllStructures ListAllPlayerSteamId ListTribeDinos ListUnclaimedDinos SetPlayerTribeOwner SetPlayerTribeAdmin Fixed command: RenameCharacter (For real this time!)
  11. Foppa

    Free Token Bank - 1.0

    Initial Release
  12. Foppa

    Free Token Bank - 1.0

    Initial Release
  13. Foppa

    Free Vote Rewards - 2.6.1

    Fixed when using Premium and Permission-based rewards.
  14. Foppa

    Free Command Logger - 1.7.1

    New: Steam ID blacklist for chat/console commands New: Added ability to show map name ("ShowMap: true") New: Added support for plugins like "Admins Permissions" (Use the new config value: "UseExtendedLogging") Change: The Discord message is now in fancy colors! Fixed RCON message being sent to...
  15. Foppa

    Free Dino Tracker - 2.0

    Completely reworked the whole concept and logic New search engine Search results in notifications + pagination system Auto map coords detection More customization (messages, search results) TokenBank integration ArkShop integration Permissions integration Note: This update requires config...
  16. Foppa

    Free Dino Limit - 1.9

    Compiled with latest API 3.5 Fixed Soul Trap (An update of the mod changed where the blueprint path was stored) Potential fix for when it didn't count for players without tribe
  17. Foppa

    Free Vote Rewards - 2.7

    Updated to Support API 3.5x
  18. Foppa

    Free Dino Colour Command - 2.4

    Compiled with latest API: 3.54 (If you are using an api before this version remove DinoColourCommand.dll.ArkApi from your update) (NEW) Added ArkShop Integration (Optional) (NEW) Added function to neuter the dino after use (Optional) More Integration improvement for permissions/token/arkshop...
  19. Foppa

    Damage control plugin

    Support is provided in tickets in my discord
  20. Foppa

    Token Bank

    In the plugin that has the command