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    Uaca's Ark Server Manager

    will you be adding game.ini import/customization, breeding settings? also it would be nice to see mod info in the mod section similar to nitrado.
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    Empty Artifact Containers

    Lately I'm experiencing a problem of artifact containers being empty. The only fix so far is admin destroy target. Is anyone else ecperiencing this?. . . anyone interested in making a plugin to fix this issue? Seems like it would be quite simple but I'm no coder, by any means. Suggestions are...
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    Advanced command syntax

    thanks @Lethal . . . cant believe i forgot about escaping the quotations. . . i will try that.
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    Spec pc for host cluster 3-4 map.

    on personal experience, i would recommend at least 7th gen intel like 7700k, but ryzen 5 3600x may work just as good if its slightly overclocked. I am running 2 maps on a 4770k with 16GB DDR3 ram and a 1TB sata SSD and it runs ok up to 10 clients. but if i want to start my rust server, i need to...
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    Integrated Api in wordpress

    this is not really on topic for this site at all, but you can easily integrate a static (.html) web page into wordpress or website by using code to embed i-frame.
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    Advanced command syntax

    ok, i found a new command for dino spawns that allows you to spawn a dino with a saddle all in one command. the problem is that the way the spawn commands are worded, it is not correct syntax for json. SpawnSetupDino <"Blueprint Path"> <"Blueprint Path" (Saddle)> <Saddle Quality> <Level>...
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    the easiest way to manage the permissions system is through RCON here is the permissions plugin page with the proper syntax. Ark Permissions
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    running multiple servers from 1 set of files is possible, but not recommended. you risk file corruption that will affect all 6 servers. the proper way is for each instance of ark to have its own set that it uses exclusively.
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    @DukeZ what i seen on closer look is that you are not escaping sections correctly, and the excessive use of extra spaces doesn't help any since it costs execution time for each extra one. do, in the long run, that all adds up to hurt the script running, and could make it timeout. also, if you...
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    you might could try moving the config file to a parent directory, then using symlinks in the plugin folders to point to that config. but i will also add. from my experience, it is quite handy to have mirrored configs, like when you're doing intense editing, theres already a backup config if you...
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    Tried your example from your shop. . . and its non-working. shop reports i successfully bought a kit but it doesn't give me the dino or saddle. something is wrong with the syntax somewhere.
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    it was a thought lol. . . thanks for all your answers
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    have you ever tried to daisychain a shop item and a kit? like setup a kit with a dino and a saddle, then setup a shop item that just links to the command to buy the kit. curious if that would work fine or create too much work for the server to process. KIT: "Mantis":{ "DefaultAmount":1...
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    is there a correct way to combine a dino and a saddle as a shop item, or is this not possible? i tried this: "argy":{ "Type":"dino", "Description":"Argentavis", "Level":500, "Price":100, "Neutered":true...
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    [Official] Ark: Survival Evolved - ArkShop

    first of all. . . . as soon as i open, i notice { "Mysql": { "UseMysql": false, "MysqlHost": "localhost", "MysqlUser": "apitest", "MysqlPass": "12345", "MysqlDB": "apitest" }, spaces will make it hang. the easiest way to fix this is using notepad++ do a search &...
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    Looking for a super easy API that Deletes wild bee hives/Drake &Wyvern Eggs/Beaver Damns on server startup.

    also, ark remote/arkon has the possibility to run commands on a schedule
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    Plugins based on Tokens for CryoSickness

    here is an excerpt from the original shop config with a command an a shop item. "allengrams":{ "Type":"command", "Description":"All engrams ", "Permissions":"Admins,VIP ", "Price":500, "Items":[ { "Command":"GiveEngrams" } ]...
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    Plugin to modify specific wild dino Stats

    I have difficulty of 30 (level 900 dinos) spawning, and the problem is that dinos that require melee-torpor to tame, like rock golems/elementals and crabs, are essentially untamable due to the health/torpor ratios that make these dinos unique. just need a plugin that would allow me to modify...
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    Plugins based on Tokens for CryoSickness

    why not just do this within the arkshop plugin? will just use points instead of tokens. . . . pretty much the same thing.?.?.?
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    Who can help

    copy the entire contents of the file into a json validator. its hard to tell anything from part of a file, honestly.
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