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  1. PrimevalYT

    [Steam] [Requesting] Ark Plugin Developer

    Hello, I currently run FusionPvP an Ark Survival Evolved Server. We are in need of a Developer that can create custom Plugins for us. We are looking perfer for a Highly Skilled Developer. You will be paid per plugin. Please DM if Interested on Discord: primeval Examples of Plugins: Ban...
  2. PrimevalYT

    (Requesting) A plugin dev for FusionPvP

    Hello, I'm looking for a highly experience developer that can create / help me with any API I need. Their are some APIS that I'm confused about mainly the discord bot ones also we are always creating new ideas for FusionPvP that I would like to implement. This will be a big task for constant...
  3. PrimevalYT

    Point Wagers

    Plugin Name : Fusion Wagers Commands: /wager 'ingamename' /accept /deny Description: Once the person accepts the wager it will automatically teleport both of them in a 1v1 type of arena and whoever wins will receive points. However both people need to have nothing in their inventorys and...
  4. PrimevalYT

    Plugin Developer | PAID PER PLUGIN

    Job : Plugin Developer for FusionPvP Description : Will be payed per plugin. Must have a good bit of experience. Paid : YES Status : OPEN
  5. PrimevalYT


    Job : Drop Interval Description : Need a mod / plugin that has a overall cooldown when dropping any items. Perfer a 1s cooldown so people can't spam drop items. Paid : YES Status : OPEN Discord : Primeval🔥😈#9682
  6. PrimevalYT

    [REQUESTING] Stat-Track Weapons!

    Hello, I've been thinking of some ideas for my server and was maybe thinking about a kill counter on weapons. I'm not sure if this will work but you guys tell me. I want it on Fabbys and Comps. Pretty much a kill counter when you hover over it. [Name = Kills] (Maybe a cool thing when you get a...
  7. PrimevalYT


    Overclocked processor to ensure a lag free, and seamless experience. Intel®️ Core™️ i7-7700K Processor The hosted server is located at Canada 🍁 Why Us Hello to all, This is Fusion PVP, a newly created and renovated experience for all ARK players. We established this server on the foundation of...
  8. PrimevalYT

    PC | FusionPvP | 75x (YOUTUBERS) (9/5)

    Wiped Today 9/5
  9. PrimevalYT

    Custom Prefix / Format change for chat.

    Hello, I'm currently running my own dedicated ark server (FusionPvp). I need a developer to create our own chat format plugin. Kinda like Advanced Chat but our own style. I will pay. If you can join the servers discord and PM me their. (Primeval) Discord :
  10. PrimevalYT

    PC | FusionPvP | 75x (YOUTUBERS) (9/5)

    Hello to all, This is Fusion PVP, a newly created and renovated experience for all ARK players. We established this server on the foundation of high-skilled classic PVP and raiding while incorporating our cutting edge dedicated server with an overclocked Intel Core i7-7700K Processor to ensure...
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