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  1. Marco Oasan

    Extended RCON

    GetTribeIdOfPlayer returning zero please fix can you add support for offline players?
  2. Marco Oasan

    Cuddle Plugin

    i wanted to modify the plugin via dino bp instead dino tag coz new dino carcha doesnt have dino tag please help thanks
  3. Marco Oasan

    [Resource] ArkApi Plugin configuration editor

    Im working on a huge update regarding all the matters please stay tuned thanks
  4. Marco Oasan

    Weekend Server Rate's Modifier

    how about a week long weekendrates? is that possible? i tried to put start 0 then end 6 nothing happens and the rates didnt applied either. please help thanks
  5. Marco Oasan

    Ark Permissions

    can't connect to remote mysql server, but arkshop can so i think there's a problem with this plugin please help. Tried and Tested but still wont connect: - Connects all mysql workbench to all different machine and ip address (public ip) (works) - adminer (works) - created a user with '%' for...
  6. Marco Oasan

    [Resource] ArkApi Plugin configuration editor

    Marco Oasan submitted a new resource: ArkApi Plugin configuration editor - ArkApi, Plugin, Editor, config.json Read more about this resource...
  7. Marco Oasan

    Open Source ArkApi Plugin configuration editor 1.0.0

    ArkApi Plugin Config Editor This is config.json editor for Ark Survival Evolved Ark Api Plugins made from WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) in C# .NET6.0 Here's the link for the Ark APi Framework Requirements Windows only ArkApi framework exact location of servers and plugins folder...
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