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Vanilla Modifier [AutoCrafter, Slot Change, Pull & Distribute!]

Plugin Vanilla Modifier [AutoCrafter, Slot Change, Pull & Distribute!] 2.1

  • Added support to pull to/from dedi storages
  • Fixed a potential lag issue
  • Fixed dino breeding cooldown
  • Added Cryo sickness timer
  • JSON:
    "CryoCooldown": { // modify cooldown of cryo sickness
        "DefaultCooldown": 300, // default cryo sickness for everyone
        "Groups": { // individual cooldown seconds per permission group
          "Admins": 0
  • Modifier config reload command, vm.reload [0/1] if the parameter is 1, the dinos will be reloaded to account for a new breeding timer (can cause small server hiccup)
  • Fixed all crop plots being 0 water when placed and when server restarted
  • Added "Global" section to DinoFunctions config entry
  • Added new "BedSettings" config entry:

"BedSettings": { // Section to control bed spawn cooldown
    "Global": { // If present, it will affect all bed types
      "UseFixedSpawnTime": false, // If true "FixedSpawnSeconds" will be used, instead of choosing between a min/max
      "FixedSpawnSeconds": 300, // Seconds of cooldown. Only used it the above setting is true.
      "MinRespawnTimer": 10, // Min spawn cooldown. Not used if "UseFixedSpawnTime" is true
      "MaxRespawnTimer": 300 // Max spawn cooldown. Not used if "UseFixedSpawnTime" is true
    "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Misc/PrimalItemStructure_Bed_Simple.PrimalItemStructure_Bed_Simple'": { // Bp path for the structure / item used to place the bed
      "UseFixedSpawnTime": false,
      "FixedSpawnSeconds": 300,
      "MinRespawnTimer": 10,
      "MaxRespawnTimer": 300
- Fixed a bug with dino breeding and dino riding
  • Changed some auth code to prevent issues
  • Added new dino features:

"DinoControl": {
    "Carno_Character_BP": { // Class of the dino, can be partial names or full blueprint path matches
      "Breeding": {
        "MinBreedingTimer": 1, // Min breeding timer
        "MaxBreedingTimer": 5, // Max breeding timer
        "IsIntervalInHours": false, // If true intervals above will be treated as hours, if false they will be treated as minutes
        "PreventBreeding": false // If true the dino won't breed
      "Mutation": {
        "MutationChanceMultiplier": 1, // Modify mutation chance, 1 is the default mutation chance. Ex: 3 = 3x more mutation chance
        "NumMutations": 1 // Number of mutations to give when the chance is successful
      "Riding": {
        "PreventRiding": false, // If true dino won't be breedable
        "MinPlayerLevelToRide": 50, // If level > 0 the player level will be checked, and won't be allowed to ride if below that level
        "RequirePermissionToRide": "CarnoRide", // If config is "" it won't be checked, else it will check if player has permission to ride. NOTE: This refers to a permission in a group, NOT A GROUP NAME
        "Messages": {
          "CannotRide": "You cannot ride this dino",
          "CannotRideLevel": "You cannot ride this dino. You need to be at least level {}",
          "CannotRidePermission": "You don't have permission to ride this dino"
- New auth server. check discord on how to migrate to the new system.
- Fixed infinite cooldown bug
- Added new feature:
"PullSystem": {
    "UseWildcardsForSearching": false,
If you don't understand what wildcards are:

- Added Pull Words section to allow changing some keywords
"PullWords": {
      "Inventory": "inv",
      "Structure": "structure",
      "All": "All"

- Fixed a bug when changing HP of structures
- You can now change HP of all structures (keep in mind inventory changes like slots and craft speed won't have any effects on structures without inventories!)
- Fixed a dupe issue with /pull and distribute

- Added a new config option to disable refunding structure when is obstructed
- Fixed "ExcludedDistributeItemTypes", it will now ignore listed item types properly.
- Added "ExcludedPullItemTypes", same as the distribute setting but for Pull system.
- Fixed an scenario where players weren't able to pull again even if being at 0 seconds cooldown.

Config Additions:
"PullSystem": {

    "ExcludedPullItemTypes": [ 2, 1, 6 ],


- Fixed an scenario where players would do /pull structure while aiming at a foliage actor (bushes, trees, rocks) and the server would crash.
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