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- added command /debugMutation to show current chance of mutation of a creature
- added /claim command to claim baby dinos in area
- added auto imprint on claim. DOES NOT USE TOKEN!
- added option to auto rename to dino base stats on claim
- added option to change default mutation rate
- added option to change default twins chance
- added option to change default triplets chance
- added config option "requiredPermissionFree", players with this permission wont require tokens or arkshop points to use the commands

- added command to rename the player character, using tokens or arkshop points
- Now supports different tokens for each command and ArkShop integration.

Warning: tokens from version 2.0 are not compatible with version 3
added /color command to "paint" creatures

There are config changes, make sure to check the config before updating.
added new config options:
-> "AllowAdultImprinting": false, // allow the imprint of adult creatures
added new config options:

"imprintAndGrow": false, // will also imprint when using the /grow command
"fillHealth": false, // will also heal and fill food using the /grow command
Fixed permission use with the ArkApi 3.52
Added support to ArkApi 3.52
/ugrow – it will make your dino adult in a instant
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