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Turret Manager

Plugin Turret Manager 1.04

  • Added PlayerJoinServerCooldownInSeconds to config, this will prevent players from using the commands right when they join the server and possibly bypassing other pvp cooldowns
  • Fixed ammo counts that were not refreshing after using /fill
  • Fixed commandcooldown not working in game
  • Added range bubble to be displayed on command usage in game
  • Added "/turrets pull" command this will pull ammo from turrets in the players range
  • Using "/turrets pull" while riding a dino will pull ammo to the dinos inventory first and then players
  • Using "/fill" while riding a dino will pull ammo from both the player and dino inventories
  • Added "NoAmmo2" to Messages section
config file has changed
  • added better support for servers running in a different language
  • Fixed /turrets range low command
  • Added programming to balance turrets when you /fill them
  • Added messages for each /turrets command
config file has changed
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