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Turret Filler

Plugin Turret Filler 1.50

This prefix applies to any resources that are considered a video game plugin.
Turret Filler 1.50
- Fixed bug where in certain conditions a stack of bullets would be lost when filling turrets! No longer will this happen.
- Now fills fertilizer into plant turret crop plots like plant species X, Y and Z
- Added names of ammo to config file. You must add bp of stack mod if u have.
- Added optional cooldown to /fill turrets when player joins the server. To prevent filling for X seconds after join.
- Fixed prevention of auto fill from ammobox. Prevents ark from ever running the function. Did not find a way to prevent countdown on player side. But turret will never be able to fill.
repack to remove some debug.
- Contains some performance optimization in parsing turrets. more to come here.
- Allows you to disable the turret auto fill feature, removes any lag caused by this.
- Added support for all possible combinations of default stack size multipliers.
- Added ability to draw sphere of fill range as you fill
- Fixed compatibility with the new ARK item dupe check.
- Fixed some compatibility issues with chinese/korean servers.
- Added support for custom stack sizes defined in the Game.ini. Will now use the values set in the ini file, if there are any!
- Fixed problems when server language is different than English. Now works 100% with Korean, Chineese, Spanish, etc.
- Fixed visual bullet count being properly updated on leftover inventory bullets.
- Fixed "EachLine": "{} - Total: {}x\tEach Turret: {}x\n", not being loaded from config
- Fixed different stack mod compatibility.
- Fixed Element Shards not being found when client's not English.
- Fixed memory leak when getting ammo template object.
Respects slot counts on all types of turrets.
- Rewrote parts of fill command to respect turret slot counts :)