Tribe Enforcer

Plugin Tribe Enforcer 2.00

**Tribe Enforcer 1.05**
(Server API 3.51+ Required)

Added an automated cleanup process for the te_servers and te_queue tables.
> Each time a server starts up or the plugin is loaded it will update its timestamp
> After 7 days of not being updated the plugin will assume the server/map is no longer used and clean up the entries which will prevent the queue table from stacking up entries that will never get processed.

Added system to allow setting custom map names via the command line.
> -serverkey=YourCustomMapIdentifier
> This is useful if you run duplicate maps
> Can be used in WebhookPrefix, TeleportAfterKick
"WebhookPrefix": {
        "Ragnarok": "Ragnarok",
        "YourCustomMapIdentifier": "Ragnarok 2",
Added new message to control formatting used by `ForceTribeMembership` to name the new tribe being created. I have create the default English version in the config.
    "AutoTribeName": {
      "Message": "Tribe of {}"
Changed TribeName database column size to be close to the Size ARK allows which should help with using mysql 5.7
**(config change to Messages)**
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.

(no config changes)
Added new option:
"ForceTribeMembership": true, //Force players into a tribe if not already in a tribe
Note: If you use this feature in TribeLogRelay disable it and use this new option here. The version in this plugin is smarter and won't join people to a new tribe because the game was too slow when they logged in.

New message added:
    "ForceTribe": {
      "Message": "Tribe membership is required. You have been added to your own tribe.",
      "Scale": 1.3,
      "DisplayTime": 10.0,
      "Color": "Red"
Unicode display fix for discord logging.

(config changes)
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