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Tip4Serv Donation Webstore

Donation plugin for ARK​

Create your ARK store with Tip4serv.com and monetize your server. This addon connects your ARK Survival Ascended server to your online store and delivers orders (group, money, items...) after each donation by typing commands in the server console.

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HMAC authentication​

Tip4serv adds a layer of security using HMAC authentication to communicate. It is a strong authentication method that is used by banks HMAC WIKI

Store available in 15 languages​

English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Starter features (only 5% fee)​

Unlimited game servers & commandsCreate subscriptions planCommands status tracking
Stock managementDeliver roles & messages on DiscordEasily offer a product to a friend
Create coupon codeCreate discountAdd managers for your store
Purchase email and invoiceSales statisticsPrivate flow for subscribers
Custom sub-domainResend commandsCustomize store colors

PRO features (subscription required)​

Dynamic Dark/Light theme
Account linking with avatarsProduct page with gallery & video
GUI colors editor & additional CSSTop customers widget with avatarsTop product widget


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Open an account on Tip4serv.com and add an ARK server in MY SERVERS

Commands example​

Here are some commands example you can use in the products configuration: MY PRODUCTS. But you can use all commands of the plugins that you have installed on your server.

Add points to a player:

Required: ARK Shop plugin

AddPoints {eosid} 51

Give Chitin Pants to a player:

giveitemtoplayer {ue5id} "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Chitin/PrimalItemArmor_ChitinPants.PrimalItemArmor_ChitinPants'" 1 1 true

Simpler command with gfi to give a sword to the player:

gfi WeaponSword 1 1 0

Items list

Send message to all players:

Broadcast Thank you {arksa_username} for your {total_paid} {currency} donation

Quantity multiplier​

You can also multiply the quantity choosen by the customer like this: {quantity*50}

Note: You must first activate the Allow quantity choice option in your product.

Use this command on Tip4serv if you want to sell bundles of 200 points:

AddPoints {eosid} {quantity*200}

This will run in your server console after a purchase if the player buys product 4 times:

AddPoints 000263b63d2641b080241ce6463a0754 800

Need help?​


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