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Unverified TebexAtlas - Server Donation Plugin 2.2.0

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When you upload resources onto our platform, they initially receive an "Unverified" tag. This tag simply means that the resource has not yet undergone our comprehensive verification process. It doesn't necessarily imply that the resource is unreliable or inaccurate; rather, it's a call to action for you, the user, to take the necessary steps towards verification.
We're delighted once again to work with the team behind Atlas: Server API to release version 2.2.0 of the official Tebex plugin.

This version introduces lots of performance improvements and additional checks to ensure the plugin is more robust.

- General performance improvements and fixes
- Checks for 'dead' players to stop trying to give items to such players
- Checks to ensure that 'GiveItem'-type commands have actually delivered the item, and re-queuing the command if not

As always, any questions or support requests, please email [email protected]
We're delighted to announce the release of a brand new version of our plugin!

We've been fortunate to be able to work with the maintainers of the ARK: Server API project on this release, bringing a number of updates and new features!

What's New

  • Support for multiple grid instances in one config file
  • A summary UI to accompany the `!donate` chat command showing the available items
  • Various performance fixes
  • If a player has pending commands when they join a server, those commands will execute straight away, rather than waiting for the next check
  • Checks for minimum required inventory slots are now supported

To get started login to your control panel and head to Integrations >> Plugins

IMPORTANT: The version of the plugin requires a new config file. Please ensure you remove your old config file and copy the new one contained within the zip.
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