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Structure Utilities FREE

Free Structure Utilities FREE 1.04

No permission to download
- minor update to fix water pipes again (oops)
no changes to config file
- Fixed error with electric wires giving away free electricity without a generator! 😆 (an unintentional change from last update)
- Added DisableStructuresAttachToExosuit setting, default is true.
config file has changed
- Removed AutoFillWaterTanks section, added NEW AutoFillWaterPipes section. Fixed issue with beer barrels etc...
- Removed OilPumps section and added NEW UnlockStructures section
- Added OilPumps, GasCollectors, WaterWells, and TreeSapTaps to UnlockStructures section
config file has changed
Version 1.01
- Fixed issue with inventory slot counts resetting after restart
- Added UseTabConsole to StructureLimiting, to have output go to tab console instead of chat window
- Added PlayerHelpCommand to Messages
config file has changed
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