Free SafeZones 3.5

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  • Fixed multiple issues with override spawn points config
  • Fixed some issues with PvP Zones on PvE servers
  • For developers: Added a new exported function: ISafeZoneManager::GetZoneOfActor, will return the safe zone of the said actor, or null if not found
  • Improved accuracy on visual range bubble
  • Fixed corpses from being unharvestable with prevent pvp enabled
  • Added handling for override spawn point when creating a new character or transferring
  • Added a new option to only kill aggressive wild dinos `"OnlyKillAggressiveDinos": false` (on each zone config)
  • Added a new config option to log joins/leaves of safe zones `"LogEnterAndLeave": false`
  • Fixed structures not being protected
  • You can now make structures damageable in certain zones even in PvE servers. To enable this just set "PreventStructureDamage":false
  • Prevented grappling players inside the safe zone if prevent pvp is true
  • Added new option to allow PvP in PvE servers, for this to work you just need "PreventPvP": false
  • Added a new config option for zones. This option will teleport the player/dino who enters the zone to the specified coords X Y Z
  • Changed how config is read to prevent crashing if an option is missing

Config changes needed!

        "Enabled": true,
        "TeleportToDestination": [ 35232.5, -13253.1, -15230 ]
  • Fixed a random crash
  • Fixed a case where adding a new template with commands would override existing config
  • Fixed unable to spawn in beds sometimes
  • Updated internal logic so it doesn't lag when checking zone events
  • Improved enter/leave preventions and teleport locations when they are not allowed to enter/leave
  • Added various config options:
  • "GiveDinosInCryopod": true, - If true when the command `SZGiveItems` is executed, it will give the dinos in cryopod
  • "ShowBubble": false, - If true a bubble like tek forcefield will appear around the zone
  • "BubbleColor": [ 1, 0, 0 ], - Color of the zone's bubble, values from 0-1. Example for yellow: [1, 1, 0]
  • "SaddleBlueprint": "" - Saddle of the dino (only given if it's spawned in cryopods)
  • "ForMap" - Input map name where the zone should be created. Allows to use same config for multiple maps
  • Reworked override spawn point config, it now allows to set different spawn locations based on spawn zone name
  • Added command: `SZShowSpawnPoints` (Console/RCON). It will show the name of the spawn points for getting correct config values for the override spawn feature

New commands:

[RCON] SZGiveItems - Command is now usable via RCON
[Console] SZCreateZone <zone name>` - Creates a zone in the player's position and adds it to config (only name and position, all other options are false by default)
[RCON] SZReloadConfig - Command is now usable by RCON

- Notes:
- Plugin should support live loading and unloading
- On config reload/live load all zones get re-created so the config changes are correctly applied

  • Added override spawn point option
  • Fixed SZGiveItems
  • Updated for API v2.5
  • Fixed PreventBuilding option
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