Free PvP+ 1.81

No permission to download
Fixed issue with handcuffs being removed when logging in (issue introduced in 1.80)
Few minor updates I didn't want to release by themselves.
Fix for PreventStructurePlacementOnPlatforms not working properly.
Fixing issues with c4 placement.
Small change if you get a failed truncation message on plugin startup.
Updated message notification system
Updated default message scaling
Added a 3 second cooldown for c4 doing damage when attached to a player that dismounts a dino. (AffectPlayersOnDinos must be enabled in the DisableC4OnDinos section)
Added support for structure or item path (possible some items will not work using the spawn item path but I tried)
Server Events compatibility fix for putting your servers gigas to sleep or making them babies 🙂 (Although riding a baby giga is pretty funny)

(Config Messages section had multiple display size changes to fix oversized text)
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