Plugin and Config Manager

Program Plugin and Config Manager

Plugin and Config Manager

With this software you can manage your config and plugins with a few mouse clicks.
Manage all plugins/configs from your cluster at once.
  • Plugins:
    • Install: Install new plugins on all your servers at once.​
    • Update: Update plugins from your entire cluster with just one step.​
    • Delete: Easily delete plugins that are no longer needed.​
    • Deactivate/Activate: You don't want to use a plugin for a certain time? Simply disable it and enable it when you need it again.​
    • Direct access to the plugin folders, with just one click on the "Open folder" button.
      Open your config via button in your text editor (the standard text editor will be opened, for example Notepad++).
  • Syncronize the config files of the plugins, game.ini, gameusersettings.ini and the banlist.txt with only one mouse click. No more editing each config individually.
  • Up2date: Be always updated thanks to my built-in autoupdate function. So you never miss bugfixes or new features again.
  • ARK API: Update the ARK API itself (Beta)

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Additional information
  • Since there is no function to disable plugins permanently, my application packs the data as a ZIP archive. When enabling, the ZIP archive is unpacked again and the plugin can be used again. These functions run automatically.
  • Plugin functions (update, delete, deactivate) can only be executed when the ARK server is offline. Otherwise there will be errors.
  • The plugin update function is not an online update. The user must download the update and can use the program to install the update on all his servers at once.
  • You need full access to the root server. Only FTP access like it is with ark hosts (Gportal, Nitrado,...) is not enough.

  • use the “Add Server” button and select the main folder of your server.
  • select your server from the menu (the plugins will be loaded automatically)
  • select the plugin you want to edit. The config will be loaded into the textbox
  • click on the “Save and sync Config” button
  • all servers selected by checkbox will be overwritten with the new config
1. download the program from the forum
2. unpack the archive
3. open the program Hardware ID Reader
4. send me your HWID and I will activate your license


The license is limited to a single physical machine (HWID).

The product cannot be returned or the amount refunded. Be sure before buying that the software offers what you are looking for. If you have any questions contact me before buying.

To activate your license, reach me here in the forum via private messages.
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Latest updates


    Fixed a bug in the ArkApi update logic.
  2. Backend Update

    Adaptation for the internal update system.

    - Fixed an error when activating or deactivating plugins multiple times. - Since there can be...

Latest reviews

Provided my HWID and within a few hours the program was registered and functioning.

This program is a must for cluster owners. What took me, typically, 5 minutes to do now takes about 30 seconds.

Highly recommend this...great work!
Really nice support from Vinc. He helped me with some doubts I was having with the program. Also very cool and good features of the program for self-hosted server, I would recommend it!
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