Program PLAYERCOUNTER BOT (100+ GAMES) 6.0.0

Initial release, more info in support discord
+ Updated discord framework.
+ Fixed multiple errors.
+ Added refreshIntervalSec option to prevent rate limits.
+ Fixed counter panels from not sending.
+ Added many improvements and code optimizations.
+ Added web panel to change config settings.
- Removed Battlemetrics API support. (only trough Rcon for now)

New Config Panel Peview:


+ Improved authentication process security.
+ Updated authorizing steps on the first launch.
+ Reworked the whole bot.
+ Added Battlemetrics integration. The bot now requests data from battlemetrics instead of the servers directly.
+ Supported games: Ark, Rust, Minecraft + 30 Others!
+ Many more changes and updates!
+ Added channel counter system. (Now you can also set channels for the player count)
+ Fixed unedited panel layout when you send a panel.
+ Added panel formatting. you can now configure how the fields look!
+ Added optional URL for the Total Players field. (place a cluster link or whatever)
+ Added Ability to run multiple status bots from one application. (instead of running the same bot multiple times)
+ Added PlayerCount Panels. (Now you can setup as many playercount panels as you want)
+ Added ability to select servers to display in panels and status bots.
+ Added /panel command to send new panels in any channel.
+ Updated main and status bot precense options.
+ Upgraded and rewritten bot in latest discord.js framework.
+ Added {servers} placeholder to main bot precense that displays server count.
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