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Free Player Utilities 1.12

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What's new in version 1.12:
  • Fixed /transfergun from losing item quality when transferring
  • Fixed token messages to display a message in game when purchasing (as it does with points)
no config changes
What's new in version 1.11:
  • fixed /getbags from stripping all upgraded gear to primitive on use.
  • no config changes
What's new in version 1.10:
  • Added new pvp specific command /enemyscan This will scan the area for enemy structures and players
  • Added PlayerCharacterWipeRequireMindwipe - this will require a mindwipe tonic to use the command
  • Added PlayerGetDeathBagsRespawnCooldownInSeconds - this is the cooldown after player dies before they can grab a deathbag
  • Fixed issued with /getbags not collecting the players kit
  • Fixed issued with /getbags not costing anything
  • Added support to use shop points OR tokens (each command has a new "UseTokens" property to enable this) example property.. PlayerCharacterWipeUseTokens - if true this command will use tokens otherwise it will use points
  • Added support for Profile Stacking
  • Fixed issue with /getbags charging multiple times
  • Fixed crash. (oops)
  • Completely fixed PlayerCharacterWipe exploit (it's now 100% safe to use)
  • fixed PlayerCharacterWipeRequireMindwipe
  • fixed PlayerGetDeathBags, now gets bags without body
  • added EverythingIsFREE property to quickly turn off all prices (for end of wipe usage etc..)
  • added Description field to each command (displays with help command)
  • fixed issue with /getbags ignoring the hotbar items
  • fixed issue with /getbags turning blueprints into items
  • added more validation logic surrounding /getbags trying to address a crash
  • added PlayerSuicideSitting, PlayerSuicideRiding properties
  • fixed /getbags and /transfergun from duping items
  • Many changes to Messages Section
  • config file has changed
What's new in version 1.09:
  • Added /transfergun command - shoot inventory A, then shoot inventory B to transfer A to B
  • Added /getbags command - will retrieve the dead bodies in range of the player
  • Many additions/changes to the Messages section
Config file has changed
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What's new in Version 1.08:
  • Fixed stats from stacking when using /charwipe before the player dies.
no config changes
What's new in Version 1.07:
  • Fixed possible crash with UnlockEngrams
  • Fixed Fortitude and other stats from stacking when using /charwipe
What's new in version 1.06:
  • Fixed possible crash with the new guns
  • Added PlayerHarvestRange /clear - this will harvest all resources within the range of the player, to the players inventory (trees, rocks, grass etc..)
  • Added PlayerCharacterWipe /charwipe - this will reset all character points but will not reset engrams
  • Added to Messages
    • PlayerCharacterWipe
    • PlayerHarvestRange
  • Added additional logic checks for UnlockEngrams to prevent a possible crash if command is used while the player dies
config file has changed
What's new in version 1.05:
  • Fixed a possible crash with some of the logic surrounding the new 'gun' commands
What's new in version 1.04:
  • Fixed player suicide while under mind control
What's new in version 1.03:
  • Fixed some issues with Tokenbank logic
  • Added PlayerUnlockEngramsBlacklist
  • Added PlayerDemoGun - /demogun - toggles the demogun mode on/off, when on it will demolish the structure you shoot with the Fabricated Pistol
  • Added PlayerPickupGun - /pickupgun - toggles the pickupgun mode on/off, when on it will pick up the structure you shoot with the Fabricated Pistol, provided it's at 100% health
  • Added PlayerRepairGun - /repairgun - toggles the repairgun mode on/off, when on it will repair the structure you shoot with the Fabricated Pistol, provided you have the materials in your inventory
  • Added to Messages >
    • PlayerRepairGunOn
    • PlayerDemoGunOn
    • PlayerPickupGunOn
    • PlayerRepairGunOff
    • PlayerDemoGunOff
    • PlayerPickupGunOff
    • PlayerUnlockEngramsFail
config file has changed
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