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Player Activity

Plugin Player Activity 1.1.0

This prefix applies to any resources that are considered a video game plugin.
  • Added Config for "OnlineActivity" and "ServerActivity".
  • Added "Server Kick (Banned)" Event (Triggers if you get insta logged out)
  • Added "Left SpawnScreen" Event (Triggers if you don't have a playerid / tribeid, for example during character creation)
  • Added a function to load in all currently online players if the plugin would be loaded during runtime
  • Fixed When an option was supposed to be disabled but it was still executing its function "Behind the scenes"
  • Fixed Better name lookup logic for join event (goal was to ensure to have something if possible. For example use "Survivor" instead of N/A when it's possible to get it!)
  • Fixed Issue with tribe name not registering in MYSQL Database
  • Potential Permanent fix for silent crash when a banned player tries to join
  • Disabled Position on join events (For now)
  • Minimized how often some functions are called to optimize plugin performance
  • Improved Online timer to be more detailed
  • Changed "In-Game Timestamp" to be inside curly brackets instead