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Fixed crash that happened when you killed yourself using a rocket launcher against an enemy structure while in PVE mode
no change to config file
- Fixed typo/1114 error in config file
- Added UseStructureProtectionBlacklistAsAWhitelist - treats StructureProtectionBlacklist as a whitelist and ONLY protects the structures listed while in PVE mode
- Added DisableTributeTerminalInventory - prevents users from placing items in the common tribute area in oblisks and terminals
- Fixed issue with still being able to drag bodies with the G key

config file has changed
- Added DisableMindControl to the PVE config
config file has changed
- Added StructureProtectionBlacklist to PVEConfig
config file has changed
- Added AllowAllianceAccess to the PVE config this will alliance tribes access to your structures, bodies, dragging, picking, etc..
config file has changed
Version 1.08
- Added DisableStructureAccess to PVE config. This will prevent players from activating structures (like forges and generators etc...) while in pve mode
config file has changed
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Fixed a crash.
No changes to config file.
re-issuing download with missing files included
- Added StartCountdownXMinutesBeforeChange, PVETimeLeftMessage2, PVPTimeLeftMessage2
- Removed unused groups sections from config
- Fixed issue with PVPStatusCommandCooldownInSecond not working
- Added Messages section back to config
- Fixed issue with .reload not setting all the global variables like it should
- Added ProtectDroppedBags to protect players dropped bags and death bags
- Added support for removing the PvP Schedule entirely: "PVPSchedule": [], and use the plugin strictly for pve anti-grieving
- Fixed crash.
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