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Lethal Sightings

Plugin Lethal Sightings 2.02

Added automatic self registration if an unused license is available.
**Lethal Sightings v1.15**
(Server API 3.51+ Required)

Rare and Super Rare dinos should now be hidden from S+/SS dino scans.
Prevent messing with Server Event dinos.
Dino rewards can now use `Level` or `MinLevel`/`MaxLevel` to allow a range
        "MinLevel": 150, //MinLevel/MaxLevel should be used together or Level only
        "MaxLevel": 200, //MinLevel/MaxLevel should be used together or Level only
**(no config changes required, optional ones listed above)**
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.

(no config changes)
Fixed issues with reapers disappearing on server restarts that were born from Rare/Super Rare Reaper Queens.

(no config changes)
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