Lethal Sightings

Verified (Paid) Lethal Sightings 2.05


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Added automatic self registration if an unused license is available.
**Lethal Sightings v1.15**
(Server API 3.51+ Required)

Rare and Super Rare dinos should now be hidden from S+/SS dino scans.
Prevent messing with Server Event dinos.
Dino rewards can now use `Level` or `MinLevel`/`MaxLevel` to allow a range
        "MinLevel": 150, //MinLevel/MaxLevel should be used together or Level only
        "MaxLevel": 200, //MinLevel/MaxLevel should be used together or Level only
**(no config changes required, optional ones listed above)**
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.

(no config changes)
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