Lethal Quests

Plugin Lethal Quests 2.00

**Lethal Quests v1.02**

Added a SteamID/Discord linking system which can be used in combination with the LethalQuestsBot to give players their own stats.
Added chat command
"LinkDiscord": "/linkstats" //Player chat command to generate a command the player will type in discord to link steamid to discord
Added supporting message
    "LinkDiscord": {
      "Message": "Type the following in our discord\n!LQ register {}"
Failing to create a quest will give an error message now to indicate a problem.
Fixed an issue with quest creation if it contained a single quote.
Updated the quest completion notification system to hopefully display the correct player information in the messages.
Reward types (experience and points) can now use `MinAmount and MaxAmount` or `Amount`
Added a player notification when rewards are provided from completing a quest.
> Auto Reward and Manual Reward settings will show the same message.
    "ClaimedRewards": {
      "Message": "You have claimed rewards from '{}'!",
      "Scale": 1.8,
      "DisplayTime": 15.0,
      "Color": "Blue"
Added system to allow setting custom map names via the command line.
> -serverkey=YourCustomMapIdentifier
> This is useful if you run duplicate maps
> Can be used in WebhookPrefix
"WebhookPrefix": {
        "Ragnarok": "Ragnarok",
        "YourCustomMapIdentifier": "Ragnarok 2",
Added `AutoBases` plugin integration allowing you to track how many times a base template was beaten.
> https://arkserverapi.com/index.php?resources/autobases-autonomous-base-spawn-system.279/
> Requires AutoBases 1.3+
> Commented config has examples using the default templates it comes with.
> Don't use AutoBases then leave the new section blank like the default config shows.
Updated item rewards (removed stack size restrictions)
Fixed taming not being recorded for dinos like Equus.

**(Added AutoBases to CustomTracking)**
**(config change to Commands and Messages)**
Fixed display issue when a quest is reset which would show the new quest as completed temporarily.
Fixed `PVPKillNotification` not working correctly.
Fixed issue with permission code allowing quests to be assigned to players without the proper permission group.
Added new message `DoesNotHaveQuest` which is used when a player uses the /quest # command and they don't have access to that quest.
Fixed some Unicode display issues.

(config change to Messages)
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