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Lethal ORP

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Lethal ORP v1.43

Updated some inner workings that would cause tribe log messaging to get triggered when it shouldn't have.
Couple other minor fixes.
This update should fix some PVEBaseMode issues and allow the ORP to be shown if you set the config to do so.
Memory leak fix when using "IgnoreAllies": true, (introduced in v 1.41 but does not affect servers that use false)
Fixed some damage calculations being double calculated and additional code clean up.
Fixing small logic error that could affect raid flagging depending on settings in use.
Fixed bodies not being able to be destoryed inside an active ORP
Added new option
"MapWideMode": false, //ORP will function map wide however Range, Cavedamage, Placement Restrictions, Physical ORP, C4 Removal and Showing ORP Bubble will all be disabled```​

**(Config change need to add MapWideMode)**
Added new commands
"AdminShowORP": "/orp", //command to allow admin to show an ORP bubble when inside an ORP
"TribeIdCommand": "/tribeid" //command to allow tribes to get their tribe id

Added new Placement Restriction setting
"IgnoreEnemyStructures": [] //Structures listed here will not count as enemy structures that block orp placement

ORP Location will be included in the placement messaging.
"Message": "Your ORP has been set by {} at {}.",

Added new options
"TurretSoakingFlags": true, //True will cause a tribe being shot by turrets inside the ORP RAIDFlag range to be RAID Flagged.
"TurretSoakingFlagsBothTribes": false, //True will cause both tribes to be RAID flagged. False will only flag the soaking tribe.
"NotifyTurretSoaking": false, //Add tribe log entry to the tribe who's turrets are being soaked.

New messaging
"SoakingTurrets": {
"Message": "Your tribe's turrets are shooting a RAID flagged tribe!"
"TribeId": {
"Message": "Your Tribe ID is {}"
"AdminShowORP": {
"Message": "This ORP belongs to Tribe ID {}"

Fixed issue with ORP Activation messages appearing in tribe logs when the tribe didn't actually set an ORP.
RapidDecay from the beta has been disabled and removed from the configs.

(Config changes required to multiple sections update carefully)
Fix for Tribes with Raid Protection not being able to damage wild dinos they pickup with a flyer.
Fix for incorrect messaging about ORP being destroyed on login based on certain config option combinations.
Fix for servers using the CanRespawn: false setting to actually delete the tribes ORP that was destroyed.
Fix for 1114 loading error.
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