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Verified (Paid) Lethal Loot Ascended 1.06


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Lethal Loot Ascended
First time purchasing one of my plugins?
Join my discord https://discord.gg/u5v44xC and click the thumbs up to get the "Member" role.
Open a private message with @LethalBot and use the command
/create to generate an account then make your purchase.
You may also try linking your discord account directly to GSH as an alternative.

After Purchase
On discord type /info after to get instructions after purchasing.
If you linked your account properly my license bot will usually message you within 2 minutes of purchase.

License activation is automatic and is handled through discord using my license bot (LethalBot)

Custom Box Mod: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/lethal-loot-ascended
I have integrated `Pelayori's Cryo Storage` mod (https://www.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/cryopods)

  • Spawn custom items or dinos with specific stats (can be delivered directly or in a lootbox)
  • Give loot/lootboxes from any plugin that support command rewards to enhance any plugins reward system.
  • Give monthly lootboxes by Permissions using an RCON command or schedule it with RCONScheduler for automated monthly rewards.
  • Easily add loot/lootboxes to the database using the very simple table format from a website purchase or other technology you use.
  • Ability to spawn event boxes for players to find on the map with cluster wide announcement option.

Boxes can be delivered 3 different ways
  • Online Player - Given to player via placeable structure
  • Online Player - Items given directly to players inventory
  • Offline Player - Stored for retrieval (placeable structure or direct)

  • Players will be notified when logging in they have unclaimed boxes.
  • Players can use `/boxes` by default to claim their boxes.
  • Placed lootboxes can be opened, prevent adding items, destroy once empty automatically.
  • Customize Dino stat points (Health, Stam, Damage etc)
    • Setting more stat points than the dino level you set can have will increase the level above what you specified to match the points
  • Dinos can be spawned in the `World`, `Cryo/Soul Trap` or as an `Egg` with or without custom stats.
  • Customize Item stats: Armor, Damage, Durability
  • Build completely random lootboxes using:
    • Loot Sets
    • Loot Tiers
  • Supports Items, Dinos and Commands
  • Loot entries can have permissions assigned limiting what groups can recieve it.
    • This allows you to create a single lootbox but provide varying loot by permissions.
  • Lootbox Given Discord logging - These are the available tokens
    • EOS_ID: {eos_id} or {eosid}
    • LootBox Info: {boxid}, {boxname}
    • Command Used (console/rcon): {where}
    • Map issuing the box: {map}
  • Lootbox Redeemed Discord logging - These are the available tokens
    • EOS_ID: {eos_id} or {eosid}
    • LootBox Info: {boxid}, {boxname}
    • Character Name: {player}
    • Tribe Name: {tribe}
    • Location Redeemed: {where}
    • Map Redeemed On: {map}
    • Loot Redeemed (type, qty, blueprint/etc): {loot}

Important Plugin Requirements
  • MySQL 8.0+ or MariaDB
  • Permissions plugin

Player Chat Command - Configurable
  • `/boxes` - command used to claim any boxes the player received while offline

Loot Box RCON/Console Commands
  • `LethalLoot.Reload` - Reloads the config
  • `LethalLoot.GiveBox {eos_id} {boxid}` - Delivers a lootbox or stores it if player is offline (ex. `LethalLoot.GiveBox 000218dbb2235hb39c7001d6d04b4j12 2`)
  • `LethalLoot.GiveBox {eos_id} {boxid} {qty}` - (ex. `LethalLoot.GiveBox 000218dbb2235hb39c7001d6d04b4j12 2 3`) gives 3x of Box 2
  • `LethalLoot.GivePermissionBox {BoxID} {PermissionGroup}` - (ex. `LethalLoot.GivePermissionBox 2 Default`) gives Box 1 to all members of the `Default` permission group
Plain Tek Box Blueprint - Slightly larger box with no effects for normal loot box use

Tek Box Blueprints - Slightly larger boxes with effects for normal loot box use

Event Box Blueprints - These are very large and meant for event use only
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Latest updates

  1. 1.06

    Fixed issue for host licenses.
  2. 1.05

    Lethal Loot Ascended v1.05 Server API 1.12+ Required and Visual C++ 2022 Runtime Files Required...
  3. 1.04

    Lethal Loot Ascended v1.04 Server API 1.11+ Required and Visual C++ 2022 Runtime Files Required...
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