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Lethal Decay

Plugin Lethal Decay 1.15

This prefix applies to any resources that are considered a video game plugin.
**Lethal Decay v1.13**
(Server API 3.51+ Required)

Added a new startup process to make sure decayed tribes are actually decayed.
> Should help prevent tribes the plugin shows as decayed but are not fully removed in the world for whatever reason.
> This process will automatically run only on server reboots
> Log entries will show up with `Decay Trigger: Auto Cleanup`

Added new RCON command `lethaldecay.updatepermissions`
> Running this command will recalculate decay times based on players current permissions
> Useful if you modify permissions monthly and want to auto update decay times without needing a player to login to trigger their update.

Added the ability to have webhooks per map now. If you do not use the normal `Webhook` and `RapidDecayWebhook` you need to create a map specific entry for each map you run. Genesis is the example I setup.
    "Webhook": "", //discord channel webhook for Normal Decay
    "WebhookGenesis": "", //If "Webhook" is blank it will attempt to find a setting like this that ends with the map name.
    "RapidDecayWebhook": "", //discord channel webhook for Rapid Decay
    "RapidDecayWebhookGenesis": "", //If "RapidDecayWebhook" is blank it will attempt to find a setting like this that ends with the map name.
Small change to retry and flag a tribe as decayed if the update fails for some reason.
Added system to allow setting custom map names via the command line.
> -serverkey=YourCustomMapIdentifier
> This is useful if you run duplicate maps
> Can be used in WebhookPrefix
"WebhookPrefix": {
        "Ragnarok": "Ragnarok",
        "YourCustomMapIdentifier": "Ragnarok 2",
Dinos can now be checked for a tribes decay time as well.
Added new option
  "IgnoreTribeIDFromAllDecay": [ //ignore these tribeid's from all decay features
**Note**: This functions similar to the instant decay ignore list but covers all forms of decay. If you use any built-in ark decay still this does not prevent those from functioning.
Added supporting message `DoesNotDecay`
    "DoesNotDecay": {
      "Message": "Tribe {0} ({1}) is immune to decay."
Updated the `wilddinowipe` feature to make sure before removing a previous wild dino that has not been tamed.
Fixed logging being displayed when it shouldn't have been showing.
Updated the `wilddinowipe` to include
    "SpecialIgnores": [ //Add specific dino blueprints here to ensure they are not removed.
Resolved a crash related to tribe dino decay.

**(config chat to add `SpecialIgnores` to the `WildDinoWipe` section)**
**(config change to add `IgnoreTribeIDFromAllDecay` section and to `Messages`)**
**(config change to DiscordLogging)**
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.

(no config changes)
Lethal Decay v1.05

Fixed issue with Gen2 update causing structures to not decay properly. (All Maps)
Added new `Decay` option:
"RemoveSpeed": 100, //Percent of removal speed 1-100 (100 = full speed) (50 = half speed) You can adjust based on your server performance etc
Fixed issue with time display conversion that could crash.
Added new RCON Commands:
`lethaldecay.addtime <TribeID> <DecayDays> <RapidDecayDays>` which will add X days from when the command is ran
example `lethaldecay.addtime 11111111111 35 30` will give tribe `11111111111` 35 days from right now for normal decay and 30 days for rapid decay timers.
`lethaldecay.wilddinowipe` - alternate command from builtin ARK command with additional features
  "WildDinoWipe": { //lethaldecay.wilddinowipe
    "IgnoreBosses": true, //ignore spawned boss dinos
    "IgnoreTargetingPlayers": true, //ignore wild dinos targeting non-wild dinos
    "IgnoreTopored": true, //ignore dinos with torpor > 0
    "IgnoreBeingTamed": true, //ignore dinos being tamed
    "RemovePerSecond": 100 //how many dinos per second are processed higher numbers can cause lag (recommended no higher than 100)
Added logging for WildDinoWipe
Added logging for Instant Decay
Updated logging for performance messages and added a timestamp (minimum 5 seconds between problem/recover messages)
Added `TekBed_Strider` and `TekTransmitter_Strider` to the rapid decay ignore list.
Updated the `/decaytime` command logic to calculate the proper decay time for structures that are in the rapid decay ignore list.
Previously they would show the rapid decay time even they though were immune to rapid decay.
Now they will show the full decay timer instead.
Updated `DecayDays` to support decimals so `0.5` would be 12 hours and `1.5` would be 36 hours for example.
Players that are online will have the decay timers refreshed before the decay process looks for tribes to decay.

Fixed an issue where some servers would not have a tribe entry (steamid = 0) and would cause repeating decay messages because it would fail to update correctly after they were decayed the first time. Missing entries will be created when the plugin loads and updated as players login etc. Any of these that were repeating and not removing stuff should stop happening after the decay process runs through them once more.
Fixed `lethaldecay.shortlist` command results not being 100% accurate.
Fixed a logic error in the wild dino wipe command that would remove wild dinos that were targeting players by mistake.
Excluded LethalSighting dinos from `lethaldecay.wilddinowipe`

(several config changes update carefully)