Lethal Decay

Plugin Lethal Decay 2.00

**Lethal Decay v1.13**
(Server API 3.51+ Required)

Added a new startup process to make sure decayed tribes are actually decayed.
> Should help prevent tribes the plugin shows as decayed but are not fully removed in the world for whatever reason.
> This process will automatically run only on server reboots
> Log entries will show up with `Decay Trigger: Auto Cleanup`

Added new RCON command `lethaldecay.updatepermissions`
> Running this command will recalculate decay times based on players current permissions
> Useful if you modify permissions monthly and want to auto update decay times without needing a player to login to trigger their update.

Added the ability to have webhooks per map now. If you do not use the normal `Webhook` and `RapidDecayWebhook` you need to create a map specific entry for each map you run. Genesis is the example I setup.
    "Webhook": "", //discord channel webhook for Normal Decay
    "WebhookGenesis": "", //If "Webhook" is blank it will attempt to find a setting like this that ends with the map name.
    "RapidDecayWebhook": "", //discord channel webhook for Rapid Decay
    "RapidDecayWebhookGenesis": "", //If "RapidDecayWebhook" is blank it will attempt to find a setting like this that ends with the map name.
Small change to retry and flag a tribe as decayed if the update fails for some reason.
Added system to allow setting custom map names via the command line.
> -serverkey=YourCustomMapIdentifier
> This is useful if you run duplicate maps
> Can be used in WebhookPrefix
"WebhookPrefix": {
        "Ragnarok": "Ragnarok",
        "YourCustomMapIdentifier": "Ragnarok 2",
Dinos can now be checked for a tribes decay time as well.
Added new option
  "IgnoreTribeIDFromAllDecay": [ //ignore these tribeid's from all decay features
**Note**: This functions similar to the instant decay ignore list but covers all forms of decay. If you use any built-in ark decay still this does not prevent those from functioning.
Added supporting message `DoesNotDecay`
    "DoesNotDecay": {
      "Message": "Tribe {0} ({1}) is immune to decay."
Updated the `wilddinowipe` feature to make sure before removing a previous wild dino that has not been tamed.
Fixed logging being displayed when it shouldn't have been showing.
Updated the `wilddinowipe` to include
    "SpecialIgnores": [ //Add specific dino blueprints here to ensure they are not removed.
Resolved a crash related to tribe dino decay.

**(config chat to add `SpecialIgnores` to the `WildDinoWipe` section)**
**(config change to add `IgnoreTribeIDFromAllDecay` section and to `Messages`)**
**(config change to DiscordLogging)**
Changed how messages are loaded from the config.json to prevent crashing.
Updated some auth related code.

(no config changes)
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