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Lethal Decay

Verified Lethal Decay 2.04

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Lethal Decay
Pay from My Discord using PayPal/Coinbase Commerce/Stripe
Click on "Get Support" to join Discord -------------------->

Join and type "/info purchase" for instructions
License activation is automatic and must be done through discord using my license bot

Current Features
  • Permission based timed decay (based on tribe inactivity not material based tiers)
  • Rapid Decay feature to remove small cluttered structures faster then full decay timers with other configurable criteria
  • Instant Decay feature that will remove specific structures you specify with other configurable criteria
  • Complete removal of Structures, Dinos, Players (no random bags or vaults left over)
  • Logging (api log and discord)
  • Unclaimed dino decay
  • Manual or Automatic decay option for Normal and Rapid decay
  • Server Performance Monitoring allows for real-time decision making to prevent large base decay lag while players are online.

RCON/Console Commands
lethaldecay.tribe <tribeid> - Manually forces a tribe into decay mode
lethaldecay.reload - Reloads the config
lethaldecay.list - Lists tribes that are ready to be decayed if using manual decay instead of auto decay.
lethaldecay.pause - Will pause further decay activity and you will be reminded every 60 seconds if paused (current decay queue will be completed still)
lethaldecay.check <tribeid> - Check decay status for a tribeid
lethaldecay.rapid - Manually triggers the Rapid Decay System to start running before its automated time
lethaldecay.last <tribeid> - will show the last tribe member login with timestamp with the highest decay timer

RCON Commands
lethaldecay.instant - remove specific structures players leave littered around the map.
lethaldecay.shortlist - outputs an entry for all tribes set to decay within 48 hours to the Tribe Log, API Log and Decay Webhook.
  • I suggest using Rcon Scheduler or whatever tool you use to run scheduled rcon command daily.

Chat Commands
/decaytime - Allows checking tribe decay times while looking at a tribe owned structure
  • command will show normal or rapid decay time depending on the config rules for rapid decay

"DiscordLogging": { //This will log information to a discord channel about events that happen when a player joins a server
    "Enabled": false, //enables the feature
    "Webhook": "", //discord channel webhook for Normal Decay
    "RapidDecayWebhook": "", //discord channel webhook for Rapid Decay
    "WebhookPrefix": { //These will add a line in the logging to specify which server the events happened on. You should add an entry for all maps you are running
      "Ragnarok": "Ragnarok" //map name same one used in the command line parameter followed by how you want to identify the map
  "Decay": {
    "Commands": {
      "CheckDecay": "/decaytime" //player chat command to check decay timer
    "MinimumServerFPS": 20, //ARK Servers run at 30 FPS normally. When your server performance goes below this number decay activities will pause until performance improves.
    "AllowAutoDecay": false, //True will automatically decay tribes when their decay time runs out. //False requires lethaldecay.tribe command
    "AddAlreadyExisting": true, //populate database on startup with tribe info
    "DefaultGroupForExisting": "Default", //auto popluation will use this group for decay calculations until players login to override it
    "DecayCheckFrequencyHours": 1, //Check every X hours if any tribes need to be decayed
    "DecayGroups": [ //Set permission groups here with decay times
        "GroupName": "Admins",
        "DecayDays": 1095 //adds 3 years
        "GroupName": "Premium",
        "DecayDays": 30 //adds 30 days to to the last logout
  "RapidDecay": { //fast decay
    "Enabled": false, //enable feature
    "DecayCheckFrequencyHours": 1, //check every X hours
    "MaxStructuresInRange": 25, //if less than 26 structures are within 3000 (10 foundation) range they are eligible for fast decay
    "MaxRangeCheck": 3000, //range to search for structures (300 = 1 foundation)
    "DecayGroups": [
        "GroupName": "Admins",
        "DecayDays": 1095 //adds 3 years
        "GroupName": "Premium",
        "DecayDays": 5 //adds 5 days to to the last logout
    "IgnoreStructures": [ //These structures will not rapid decay
  "InstantDecay": { //rcon only command lethaldecay.instant
    "Enabled": false, //enables feature
    "MaxStructuresInRange": 10, //if less than 11 structures are within 3000 (10 foundation) range they are eligible for instant decay
    "MaxRangeCheck": 3000, //range to search for structures (300 = 1 foundation)
    "InstantDecayBPs": [ //only these structures will be instant decayed
    "IgnoreAdminTribeID": [ //ignore admin tribe id's from this feature
  "UnclaimedDinos": { //Decay unclaimed dinos
    "Enabled": true, //enables feature
    "UnclaimedCheckFrequency": 60, //How many minutes between checks
    "UnclaimedDecayTime": 60 //How many mintutes they can be unclaimed

One license is limited to a single physical server, so multiple ark servers running on the same machine (HWID) would only need 1 license.
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