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Latest reviews

I would love to give this a 5 star rating, but it wont unlock S+ tek after killing a boss :( such a shame. other than that, everything else is great.
Best Cross Chat system - Kals Support is epic - I highly recommend paying for this plugin to support the authors work.
I am using this bot for a few months and i must say with every update it keeps getting better ! Even when i am a bit lost with the config ( my own mistake ) Default responds very fast and fix it in just a few minutes!
I am very happy with the outcome!
Fantastic Bot and fantastic Support.
The bot is working very well and is doing exactly what i expected. Also the Developer is very nice and works hard to constantly improve the bots.
When this is working its a great little addon to provide to donators. It doesn't harm gameplay when set to tames and it saves time.
This bot author is the best ive seen so far very quick on fixes/updates and overall such a pleasure to use his bots
I've been working with him for a long time now! His custom bots or the other bots are just very good! He always does his job well!
Great new features, however, mine still shows as 3.54, but the log shows the new features loaded, I'll try and copy it over again.
That's normal and to be expected the actual framework itself didn't update only the auto updater has been added.
Very handy tool for any admin to have on hand. Quickly send RCON commands to any server with a few thumb strokes. A+
Been running a server with this now for 2 weeks and absolutely loving it. Getting the same vibe as I got playing ark back when the island was only half done and my community are really enjoying it.
Not only does the bot provide cool mini-games for your users, it also provides some great admin tools. Great bot!
❤️ The bot will get also a big overhaul like my other bots. stay tuned for many more features!
Couldn't survive without this bot! Being able to send commands from Discord makes server management a breeze. Highly recommend!
Great way to show the status of your servers, highly recommend! The bot works perfectly. Default does a great job keeping everything up to date.
This is really easy to set up. If you have any questions Default replies very fast and is very helpful. The discord has a nice ticket system for support too. Overall very happy with this purchase!
Top Plugin, TopSupport, Easy Config

Kal is a great guy I can only recommend him we use several of his plugins so far no problems and if something happened you got immediate support. he always tries to help everyone as well as his support/admins

best regards
idk about the easy config part haha
So I finally got rid of the old Egg Poop collector from the Steam Workshop, and decided to use plugins, and I found this, sooo much easier, and clients don't have to bother with mods, it works perfectly, thank you very much.
Provided my HWID and within a few hours the program was registered and functioning.

This program is a must for cluster owners. What took me, typically, 5 minutes to do now takes about 30 seconds.

Highly recommend this...great work!
It works very well except the option you have called "PreventEntering" that I set it to true and it doesn't work, curious since the "PreventLeaving" option works like a charm. But thank you very much for the plugin :D
Setup is not easy but once you get it working it does wonders for a cluster! Excellent plugin to keep players engaged on less populated servers of the cluster.
It work so perfect in all map, love it! Thank you, you are my hero! Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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